Information and Systems-Neurocomputing(Date:2010/06/11)



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[Paper #]
On the Chaos Associative Memory with Tchebycheff Activation Function

Masahiro NAKAGAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-1,NLP2010-1
Feed-forward Reduction of Motor Variability : A Model Study

Masahiko FUJITA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-2,NLP2010-2
Stochastic synchrony and transition between two states in the olfactory bulb


[Paper #]NC2010-3,NLP2010-3
On the Tug-of-war Model for Multi-armed Bandit Problem : Bio-inspired Computing Method for Nonlocally-correlated Parallel Searches

Song-Ju KIM,  Masashi AONO,  Masahiko HARA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-4,NLP2010-4
Localized Oscillatory Excitation on Non-Linear Oscillatory Fields by Radial Isochron Clocks

Ryota MIYATA,  Koji KURATA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-5,NLP2010-5
Discrimination of Hand Motion from Surface EMG Signals Using a Selective Desensitization Neural Network

Hiroshi KAWATA,  Atsuo SUEMITSU,  Masahiko MORITA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-6,NLP2010-6
An approach to SOM Canonica : To Establish Multi-Manifold Learning Theory

Takashi OHKUBO,  Tetsuo FURUKAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-7,NLP2010-7
Complexity Analysis for Behavior of Free Moving Objects in n-Dimensional Space : Calculation for Local Fractal Dimension Using Norm Accumulation Method

Norihisa MATSUMOTO,  Kenichi KAMIJO,  

[Paper #]NC2010-8,NLP2010-8
Study on Robust Training of Neural Networks using Gradient-based Algorithm with Improved Feeding-technique of Training Data

Toshikazu ABE,  Yoshihiko SAKASHITA,  Hiroshi NINOMIYA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-9,NLP2010-9
Bayesian Image Super-Resolution of Linear Degradation Model with a Compound Markov Random Field Prior

Takayuki KATSUKI,  Akira TORII,  Masato INOUE,  

[Paper #]NC2010-10,NLP2010-10
Hierarchical Lossless Image Coding Using Cellular Neural Network

Seiya TAKENOUCHI,  Hisashi AOMORI,  Tsuyoshi OTAKE,  Mamoru TANAKA,  Ichiro MATSUDA,  Susumu ITOH,  

[Paper #]NC2010-11,NLP2010-11
A SC Circuit for a Chaotic Neuron Model based on the Extended Duffing Equation

Masaki ARAI,  Yoshihiko HORIO,  Etsumasa HIURA,  Toshijiro TANAKA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-12,NLP2010-12
An effects of inhibitory connections on synchronous firing assembly in the inhibitory connected pulse coupled neural network

Masahiro YOSHIHARA,  Masato YONEKAWA,  Hiroaki KUROKAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-13,NLP2010-13
Analysis of Synchronization in Coupled Chaotic Neurons with ring structure

Tsuyoshi SHINKAI,  Masaharu ADACHI,  

[Paper #]NC2010-14,NLP2010-14
A Shooting Method for Self-Excited Oscillators with Periodically Switch-Coupling

Shigeki TSUJI,  Hiroto FURUKAWA,  Takuji KOUSAKA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-15,NLP2010-15
Stochastic phase description of fluctuating rhythmic elements

Shigefumi HATA,  Kensuke ARAI,  Hiroya NAKAO,  

[Paper #]NC2010-16,NLP2010-16
Phase Reduction of Limit Cycle Oscillators Driven by Noise

Kazuyuki YOSHIMURA,  

[Paper #]NC2010-17,NLP2010-17
Design Method of Space-Varying Cellular Neural Networks by Using Hopfield Neural Networks

Yasuhiro UEDA,  Masakazu KAWAHARA,  Takashi INOUE,  Yoshifumi NISHIO,  

[Paper #]NC2010-18,NLP2010-18
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