Information and Systems-Neurocomputing(Date:2009/01/12)



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Solving Relay Dedicated Node Assignment Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks Using PSO with Suppression

Masaki YOSHIMURA,  Hidehiro NAKANO,  Arata MIYAUCHI,  

[Paper #]NC2008-82
Reinforcement Learning Using Selective Desensitization Neural Networks in the State Space with Redundant Dimensions

Tomoyuki SHIMBO,  Ken YAMANE,  Masahiko MORITA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-83
Handwritten Character Recognition by NG×SOM

Kouichi GUNYA,  Makoto OTANI,  Tetsuo FURUKAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-84
A probabilistic model of maximum margin matrix factorization with ARD prior

Masahiro FURUYA,  Shigeyuki OBA,  Shin ISHII,  

[Paper #]NC2008-85
Structure estimation using time-dependent data in hidden Markov models


[Paper #]NC2008-86
On the Effect of Hyperparamater to Generalization Error in Variational Bayes Learning

Shinji OYAMA,  Sumio WATANABE,  

[Paper #]NC2008-87
Experimental Study of Bayesian Learning using Langevin Equation in Singular Learing Machines

Taruhi IWAGAKI,  Sumio WATANABE,  

[Paper #]NC2008-88
Node perturbation learning with noisy reference

Tatsuya CHO,  Kentaro KATAHIRA,  Masato OKADA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-89
Statistical mechanics of the Hopfield model with replacing units

Yasunao KOMATSU,  Toru AONISHI,  Koji KURATA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-90
Prior Knowledge-Based Stepwise Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks

Hirotaka FUKUI,  Daisuke KITAKOSHI,  

[Paper #]NC2008-91
The relativity of time to filling-in to eye movement

Masae YOKOTA,  Yasunari YOKOTA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-92
Progress Curve Analysis of Multisite Phosphorylation Using Michaelis-Menten Equation

Yumi NAKAGAWA,  Hideyuki CATEAU,  

[Paper #]NC2008-93
The significance of a nonlinear transformation and a role of local neurons in the Drosophila primary olfactory center

Ryota SATOH,  Masahumi OIZUMI,  Hokto KAZAMA,  Masato OKADA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-94
Reinforcement meta-learning rule solves the distal reward problem

Shojiro ARAKI,  Yutaka SAKAI,  

[Paper #]NC2008-95
Chaotic itinerancy in the hippocampal CA3 and contractive affine transformations in CA1 provide a dynamical interpretation of complex memory

Ichiro TSUDA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-96
Cross-modal and scale-free action representation in sensorimotor maps

Alex PITTI,  

[Paper #]NC2008-97
Which model can properly describe dynamics and smoothness of firing rate?

Ken TAKIYAMA,  Kentaro KATAHIRA,  Masato OKADA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-98
A Neural Network Model Explaining the Motion Detection Sensitivity Enhanced and Degraded by Induced Motion

Satohiro TAJIMA,  Hiromasa TAKEMURA,  Ikuya MURAKAMI,  Masato OKADA,  

[Paper #]NC2008-99
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