Information and Systems-Life Intelligence and Office Information Systems(Date:2016/11/07)

Factorization of Composite Numbers having a Prime of Special Form with Elliptic Curve Method

Masaaki Shirase(FUN),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-54,SITE2016-44,LOIS2016-32
Proposal of Vocabulary Foundation for Construction of Tourism Ontology

Toshitaka Maki(FIT),  Kazuki Takahashi(FIT),  Toshihiko Wakahara(FIT),  Akihiro Yamaguchi(FIT),  Akihisa Kodate(Tsuda),  Toru Kobayashi(Nagasaki Univ),  Noboru Sonehara(NII),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-59,SITE2016-49,LOIS2016-37
A Study of Voice Guidance for Visually Impaired People by Portable Terminal

Tatsuaki Ito(NTT),  Yukihiro Nakamura(NTT),  Masafumi Suzuki(NTT),  Misa Hirao(NTT),  Nobukatsu Hojo(NTT),  Manabu Okamoto(NTT),  Hirohisa Tezuka(NTT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-58,SITE2016-48,LOIS2016-36
"Duration of Riken-no-ken (view from a distance)", about the system and ethics

Tetsuya Morizumi(KU),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-50,SITE2016-40,LOIS2016-28
Institutional Matters on the Access and Storage of One's Own Fostering Records

Akiyoshi Kabeya(Chiba Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-51,SITE2016-41,LOIS2016-29
Sequential Hashing with Minimum Padding

Shoichi Hirose(Fukui Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-55,SITE2016-45,LOIS2016-33
An essay on evaluation of quality and value of information

Mariko Nihei(Tohoku Univ.),  Hiroaki Muraoka(Tohoku Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-52,SITE2016-42,LOIS2016-30
Study of Comprehensive Emergency Management Support System

Naoko Kosaka(NTT),  Koji Kishi(NTT),  Tsuneko Kura(NTT),  Yuji Maeda(NTT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-57,SITE2016-47,LOIS2016-35
Applications of Card-Based Cryptography to Education

Takaaki Mizuki(Tohoku Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-53,SITE2016-43,LOIS2016-31
Application of the Method for Similarity Search of Time-Series Data to User Authentication

Satoshi Hiraiwa(Kanazawa Univ.),  Masahiro Mambo(Kanazawa Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-56,SITE2016-46,LOIS2016-34
Risks of approval in the SNS using the OAuth authentication

Tatsuzi Yoshida(Tokyo City Univ),  Yoshiaki Seki(Tokyo City Univ),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-60,SITE2016-50,LOIS2016-38
Work element estimation in warehouse work probe system

Toshimasa Aso(Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Technology),  Hisayuki Kurokawa(Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Technology),  Shikato Kamimura(Josai Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-68,SITE2016-58,LOIS2016-46
Can AI solve the trolley problem?

Yuko Murakami(Tohoku U),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-64,SITE2016-54,LOIS2016-42
An Efficient Decryption Control Method for the Smart Device Manegement System with Functional Encryption

Sakurako Tamura(NTT),  Makiko Aoyagi(NTT),  Sakae Chikara(NTT),  Hiroaki Isaka(NTT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-62,SITE2016-52,LOIS2016-40
[Invited Talk] Threat of Electromagnetic Information Leakage and Countermeasures

Yu-ichi Hayashi(Tohoku Gakuin Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-63,SITE2016-53,LOIS2016-41
An Evaluation of the System to Identify the Measured Person using Bio-Signal

Haruka Suzuki(NTT),  Gen Takahashi(NTT),  Kaori Fujimura(NTT),  Toru Nakamura(NTT),  Yukiyoshi Ota(NTT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-61,SITE2016-51,LOIS2016-39
Design of Excess Inventory Monitoring Tool for Manufacturing

Naoaki Yokoi(Hitachi),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-69,SITE2016-59,LOIS2016-47
Data Output UI Specification Extraction using Differences of Texts in HTML Documents

Daisuke Tashiro(Hitachi),  Ryota Mibe(Hitachi),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-67,SITE2016-57,LOIS2016-45
Effect of Country-of-origin Image on the Perception of Foreign Online Stores

Vanessa Bracamonte(NII),  Hitoshi Okada(NII),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-65,SITE2016-55,LOIS2016-43
Privacy and the Freedom of Speech and Thought

Takushi Otani(Kibi International Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-66,SITE2016-56,LOIS2016-44