Information and Systems-Educational Technology(Date:2015/09/12)

Practices by Using a CSCL System for Sharing Students' Group Reports

Jun-ichi Kakegawa(Hyogo Univ. of Teacher Education),  Kohji Itoh(Tokyo Univ. of Scicence),  

[Paper #]ET2015-32
Attempts of information class by Staircase designed that focuses on the comprehension of students.

Yuki Kamiya(Suzuka Junior College),  

[Paper #]ET2015-39
Research and factor analysis on the effect of class form difference on student's satisfaction

Shuya Nakamura(TUS),  Masayo Komoda(TUS),  Susumu Fujimori(TUS),  Takako Akakura(TUS),  

[Paper #]ET2015-33
A Method for Setting Questions Based on Learning Time Restriction on Self-Study Material Contribution and Sharing System

Yuji Hirai(Kagawa Univ.),  Junpei Imai(Kagawa Univ.),  Shimpei Nakagawa(Kagawa Univ.),  Kazuhiro Ura(Kagawa Univ.),  Naka Gotoda(Kagawa Univ.),  Rihito Yaegashi(Kagawa Univ.),  Hiroshi Murai(Kagawa Univ.),  Junko Ichino(Kagawa Univ.),  Hiroyuki Tarumi(Kagawa Univ.),  Toshihiro Hayashi(Kagawa Univ.),  

[Paper #]ET2015-34
Development and Evaluation of an Android English Studying System using Server and Network

Seijirou Muramoto(NU),  Hiroshi Yoshikawa(NU),  Takeshi Yamaguchi(NU),  

[Paper #]ET2015-36
Real-time face authentication by sequential update of student's information registered in e-Learning system

Taisuke Kawamata(TUS),  Susumu Fujimori(TUS),  Takako Akakura(TUS),  

[Paper #]ET2015-38
A Semi-supervised Topic Model for Class Evaluation Analysis

Takatoshi Ishii(Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.),  Yoshiki Shimomura(Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.),  Shuuya Nakamura(TUS),  Susumu Fujimori(TUS),  Takako Akakura(TUS),  

[Paper #]ET2015-40
Design of "Pocket Police" Interface : a Traffic Safety Education Support System for Bicycle Drivers

Shinpei Nakagawa(Kagawa Univ.),  Naka Gotoda(Kagawa Univ.),  Toshihiro Hayashi(Kagawa Univ.),  

[Paper #]ET2015-37
AR based Tennis Skill Learning Support System with Velocity Adjustment of Visual Feedback

Takuya Mishima(Hiroshima City Univ.),  Masaru Okamoto(Hiroshima City Univ.),  Yukihiro Matsubara(Hiroshima City Univ.),  

[Paper #]ET2015-35
A Study of Drawing Process Model for the Drawing Learning System

Takashi Nagai(Shinshu Univ.),  Mizue Kayama(Shinshu Univ.),  

[Paper #]ET2015-41
An Introductory Educational Experience with Hacking Competition CTF for Information Literacy and Security Learning

Makoto Nakaya(Kagawa Univ.),  Satoshi Akagi(Kagawa Univ.),  Hiroyuki Tominaga(Kagawa Univ.),  

[Paper #]ET2015-42