Information and Systems-Educational Technology(Date:2014/03/01)



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Learner Modeling Based on Presentation Design Activities

Yuki TANIGUCHI,  Kazuhisa SETA,  Mituru IKEDA,  

[Paper #]ET2013-92
Construction and Evaluation of Review Support Environment with Visual-oriented Annotation Method for Presentation Rehearsal


[Paper #]ET2013-93
Reconstruction Method by Dividing, Combining and Tagging of Presentation Slides and Oral Explanations for Presentation Evaluation

Akihiro TANIKAWA,  Shogo MANABE,  Ryo OKAMOTO,  

[Paper #]ET2013-94
Presentation Speech Support System Based on Extraction of Slide Intention

Takaya KAJI,  Tomoko KOJIRI,  

[Paper #]ET2013-95
Methods for Semi-automatic Generation of Academic Paper from Presentation Slides

Yusuke MORITA,  Hiroyuki ANZAI,  Ryo Onuma,  Hiroaki KAMINAGA,  Youzou MIYADERA,  Shoichi NAKAMURA,  

[Paper #]ET2013-96
Programming Learning Systems for Step-by-Step Structure-Oriented Coding with Visualization and Monitoring

Masanori OSHIRO,  Yasuo NAGAI,  

[Paper #]ET2013-97
An Implementation of Statement Fill-in-blank Problem Function for Java Programming Learning Assistant System


[Paper #]ET2013-98
A Difficulty Estimation Method of Fill-in-blank Problems for Java Programming Learning Assistant System

Takuya OGAWA,  Nobuo FUNABIKI,  Toru NAKANISHI,  Nobuya ISHIHARA,  Ta NA,  Noriki AMANO,  

[Paper #]ET2013-99
Proposal and Evaluation of method for deter plagiarism using automatic examination at report submisson

Tomoyoshi KAWAHARADA,  Hisayoshi KUNIMUNE,  Masaaki NIIMURA,  

[Paper #]ET2013-100
Programming Exercises with a LEGO Robot and Game Subjects as Preliminary Educational Experience for High School Students : A Prototype of Learning Materials with Multimedia Simulation to Try Strategies of a Game Problem

Tomoki TAKAHASHI,  Hiroyuki TOMINAGA,  

[Paper #]ET2013-101
A Support System for Lectures and Exercises in Turn with a Code Review Tool for Programming Education : Synchronized indication of an Answer Code and Comment Functions at a Code Snapshot

Tatsuya TOYODA,  Hiroyuki TOMINAGA,  Makoto NAKAYA,  Masahiro OKAWA,  Koki KAWAGOI,  

[Paper #]ET2013-102
Development of a learning system for network management using SDN


[Paper #]ET2013-103
Development of a Support System for Management of Research Resources Focusing on Accumulation of Polish Processes and their Understanding

Hiroyuki ANZAI,  Yusuke MORITA,  Hiroki NAKAYAMA,  Hiroaki KAMINAGA,  Youzou MIYADERA,  Shoichi NAKAMURA,  

[Paper #]ET2013-104
Proposal of Research Information Sharing and Visualization System for Graduation Research Selection

Minoru HARA,  Hisayoshi KUNIMUNE,  Masaaki NIIMURA,  

[Paper #]ET2013-105
Support System for Activating Class Using Smartphone

Sho Tatikawa,  Ryohei Ueda,  Nobuyoshi YONEZAWA,  

[Paper #]ET2013-106
A Study of an Easy Distance Learning System with Tablet Devices

Isao NISHIHARA,  Toshikazu SHIMADA,  Shizuo NAKANO,  

[Paper #]ET2013-107
Supporting Historiogram-based reflection on discussion by collaborative commenting system using tablet terminals

Hideyuki SUZUKI,  Hideo FUNAOI,  Yoshihiko KUBOTA,  

[Paper #]ET2013-108
Long Term Experiment of Schema Priming Test in a Usual Classroom

Akira SHIMAZOE,  Kazuhisa SETA,  Kanetaka MORI,  Masahiko OKAMOTO,  

[Paper #]ET2013-109
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