Information and Systems-Educational Technology(Date:2004/11/13)



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[Paper #]
Development of a Mobile Phone e-Communication System for use in the classroom

Kazunobu HIKAWA,  Masanori OKADA,  Kazuo NAKANISHI,  

[Paper #]ET2004-52
Trial of Easy Communication with Wiki


[Paper #]ET2004-53
The Measurement of the Communication Effect in Information Transfer under Imperfect Conditions

Masanori OKADA,  Kazunobu HIKAWA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-54
Proposal of Information processing education curriculum in college

Norohiro Yoshida,  

[Paper #]ET2004-55
Computer Science Education and Informatics Education

Hajime OHIWA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-56
The base of the application software operation education as an information act : Consideration from the concept of 'Software-Literacy(Tentative name)'

Kentaro MIZUSIMA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-57
ReKOS as a digitized data practical use tool

Kazuhiko KAWAI,  Toshiyuki TAKAHEI,  Iriko KANEKO,  Toshikazu EBISUZAKI,  Eiji TAKAOKI,  Satoshi MACHIDA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-58(2004-11)
Using the BNC to Create and Develop English Educational Materials and a Website

Hiroshi SANO,  Takahiro NAKAMURA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-59
Development of an e-Learning System for supporting Project Activities and Research Activities with MathML

Keiji EMI,  Nobuyuki NAKA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-60
A proposal of detection method of relationship between words and sentences in fold up summarization for Japanese text

Ataru OIKAWA,  Hisayoshi ITO,  

[Paper #]ET2004-61
The Barrier-free-ized Distance Lecture System

Shinji SUMI,  Kuminori TAJIMA,  Hiroshi KOYAMA,  Nobuyuki HIRAOKA,  Ben T. WADA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-62
Development of supporting tool for teaching

Junichi Yokoyama,  Shinichi Matsuda,  Katsuko T. Nakahira,  Yoshimi Fukumura,  

[Paper #]ET2004-63
Development of "MultiVNC", a support tool for IT education

Kenji KITAGAWA,  Mitsuaki UEHARA,  Takuro OHASHI,  Ryo NAKAYAMA,  Ryota KAWAMOTO,  Daisaku CHIBA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-64
Interactive Online Link Pages for Students' Learning Motivations

Masaharu YASUE,  Yoshihiro UGAWA,  Yutaka MAKABE,  Isao ABE,  

[Paper #]ET2004-65
User Support Design to Enhance Motivation for Troubleshooting

Momoko NAKATANI,  Masaru MIYAMOTO,  Shunichi YONEMURA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-66
The decision-making situation of the student at the time of business game enforcement

Akihide KIMURA,  Kimihiro MATSUNAGA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-67
An Analytical Method of Concept-Map to clarify Learners' Concerns changes : An Ontological Engineering Approach

Masae NAKAZAWA,  Mitsuru IKEDA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-68
About the Interest that my College Students Showed in NGO Activities

Toshikatsu KANAYA,  

[Paper #]ET2004-69
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