Information and Systems-Educational Technology(Date:1996/06/15)



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A Study on "Avant" of Televised University-Level Public Lectures

Kazuhito NIWA,  Moriya ODA,  Makoto NOZAKI,  

[Paper #]ET96-21
Relation between Knowledge Complexity and Difficulty of Textbook at Example Oriented Learning

Tnuneo Kuwabara,  

[Paper #]ET96-22
Evaluation about the function and interface usability of IDSS-II and proposal for IDSS-III

Koji ONO,  Noboru MATSUDA,  Toshio OKAMOTO,  

[Paper #]ET96-23
A Study on a Model Representing for Classroom Activities (5)

Kazuhiko AOKI,  Toshio OKAMOTO,  

[Paper #]ET96-24
Analysis of Strategies for Cooperative Problem Solving under Computer Network Environment

Satoru FUJITANI,  Kanji AKAHORI,  

[Paper #]ET96-25
An Illustrative Mapping Algorithm for Drawing a Directed Graph : A Illustrative Mapping Method

Kazumasa ISHIZAKA,  Hitoshi SASAKI,  Makoto TAKEYA,  

[Paper #]ET96-26
The comparison and discussion on response time at open- and closed-book examination in computerized testing

Takako AKAKURA,  Keizo NAGAOKA,  

[Paper #]ET96-27
Activation of Exercise in a Classroom by Drills : Questioning and Answering by Students themselves

Takashi NAKAJIMA,  Masatoshi HASEGAWA,  Yukuo ISOMOTO,  Katsumi YOSHINE,  Hironari NOZAKI,  

[Paper #]ET96-28
Voice training system for auditory handicapped children running on the MS-Windows

Kazuhiko KURATANI,  Taizo UMEZAKI,  

[Paper #]ET96-29
The Method of Developing Fine Arts Data Base

Hironari Nozaki,  Yukuo Isomoto,  Katsumi Yoshine,  Hatsuo Yamasaki,  

[Paper #]ET96-30
Database Service of Fine Art using the Internet

HATSUO Yamasaki,  Hironari NOZAKI,  Yukuo ISOMOTO,  Katsumi YOSHINE,  

[Paper #]ET96-31
Realization of a real-time Delphi method using internet

Keiichi ONO,  Toshiki HORIKAWA,  Masanao KOBAYASHI,  Hitoshi SASAKI,  Makoto TAKEYA,  

[Paper #]ET96-32
Development of "Learners Participation Type Home Page" on World Wide Web

Tsutomu SHIMOMURA,  Norihide UETANI,  

[Paper #]ET96-33
Development of the Home Page to Provide Practical Educational Information for Teachers

Hitoshi SUSONO,  Tsutomu SHIMOMURA,  

[Paper #]ET96-34
A Construction of a Learning System of Collaborating with WWW and the Prototype : for individually correspondence

Masaki Omatsu,  Toshiaki Yamada,  Shigeo Ikeura,  Toshifumi Fujii,  

[Paper #]ET96-35
Development of A Kanji Learning System for Foreign Students or Elementary Students

Ryoji Tatsuoka,  Mitsu Yoshimura,  

[Paper #]ET96-36
Development of Proper Subject using Network : Establishment of Computer Network and Prototype of Teaching Aids

Kihachiro TAKETOMI,  Ryoichi SHIBATA,  Yasuo DOI,  

[Paper #]ET96-37
Joint Usages of Teaching Materials for Information Processing Education by Internet

Yukuo ISOMOTO,  Hironari NOZAKI,  Yasuhiro HASEGAWA,  Katsumi YOSHINE,  Hiroshi YOKOYAMA,  

[Paper #]ET96-38
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