Human Communication Group-Human Information Processing(Date:2005/12/08)



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Emotional stimuli and Attentional Capture : Modulation of SOA

Shiho MIYAZAWA,  Syoichi IWASAKI,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-79
Spatial properties of perceptual rivalry

Takahiro Kawabe,  Kayo Miura,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-80
A temporally occluded moving object can alter the perception of a nearby event

Yousuke KAWACHI,  Jiro GYOBA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-81
Effect of the size of both the photographic image and the photo-frame on the evaluation of their impressions

Yukiko OHNAKA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-82
A Method of Image Reproducing Based on Apparent Size : A image of two spheres in close proximity

Tetsuya KAJITANI,  Tadasi OHTA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-83
Color Impressions from Two-Colored Texture Patterns consisted of equal-saturated elements


[Paper #]HIP2005-84
Functional Architecture of Human Texture Discrimination

Isamu Motoyoshi,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-85
Dominance of high spatial frequency in motion aftereffect and expansive/contractive motion

Kazumichi MATSUMIYA,  Satoshi SHIOIRI,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-86
Tradeoff between Pursuit Accuracy and Reaction Times

Yasuhiro SEYA,  Shuji MORI,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-87
Can Unusual Convergent Gaze in "Kabuki Play" Generalize the Norm of Evaluation System for the Beauty Beyond the Individual Art? : Symmetrical or Asymmetrical

Kazuo KOGA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-88
The effect of the facial motion on the recognition of facial expressions : Analysis of eye movement property

Motoyasu Honma,  Yoshihisa Osada,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-89
Recognition of smiling faces of patients with cleft lip and palate

Ken MASAME,  Hanae ISHI,  Tomoaki ADACHI,  Shoko KOUCHI,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-90
Sensory Information Processing on Softness

Naofumi FUJITA,  Takashi IRIE,  Hideo NAKANISHI,  Manabu OHTA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-91
Relation between Speed and Pressure during Braille Reading : Measurement of Pressure of Fingers using a Surface Pressure Measurement System

Tetsuya WATANABE,  Susumu OOUCHI,  Takeshi KANEKO,  Toshimitsu YAMAGUCHI,  Makoto SHIMOJO,  Shigenobu SHIMADA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-92
Study on Aroma environment design system "Aroma Conditioner"

Keigo IWABUCHI,  Tomohiro AKAGAWA,  EiIchi OSAWA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-93
Quasi-real-time Consonant Enhancement System

Tatsuro YASUTAKE,  Yoshitaka NAKAJIMA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-94
The Speech Recognition System that Decodes Category of Spectrogram

Shinji KARASAWA,  Hiroshi SAKURABA,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-95
Features Parameter Transformation in Speaker Recognition Using Vowels

Takashi OSANAI,  Kazuhiko OZEKI,  

[Paper #]HIP2005-96
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