Human Communication Group-Human Communication Science(Date:2015/01/23)



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Experimental investigation of intergenerational interaction in passing wisdoms from the old to young generations

Megumi TABUCHI,  Kotoko TANAKA,  Asako MIURA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-73
Communication Difficulties in the Communication-driven Globalized Era

Fusa KATADA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-74
Promotion of mother-child communication in picture-book reading : A longitudinal observation in 6~24 month old

Sayaka SEKINE,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-75
Language development of twin and 'twin language' : Enhancing parents' literacy of childrearing and twin development

Chisato HAYASHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-76
Controlling Robots Gaze according to Participation Roles and Dominance in Multiparty Conversations

Takashi YOSHINO,  Yutaka TAKASE,  Yukiko NAKANO,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-77
Analysis of Dynamic Facial Expressions While Watching Emotional Movie Clips

Yoshitaro ONISHI,  Takuya SHIRAKE,  Masashi KOMORI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-78
Effect of Play Contexts on Joint Attention : Comparison of Mother-Infant Interactions among Shared Book Reading, Toy Play, and No Material Play Situations

Ayumi SATO,  Etsuo HORIKAWA,  Fmikazu FURUMI,  Ichiro UCHIYAMA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-79
Does Cognitive Disfluency help Preschoolers' False Belief Understanding?

Kensuke SATO,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-80
Computational Model of Interactive Meaning Acquisition of Sentence-Final Particles

Yusuke HATTORI,  Xia WU,  Chie FUKADA,  Motoyuki OZEKI,  Natsuki OKA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-81
Prosodic Features of Calls from Human to Robot : Robot that Learns Evasive Actions from Prosody of Attention Attracting Speech

Ami Tsukamoto,  Motoyuki Ozeki,  Chie Fukada,  Takayuki Nagai,  Takashi Omori,  Natsuki Oka,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-82
Choosing Action Strategy of Pokemon Non Player Character Based on Intention Estimation of the Human Player

Yasuto TSUCHISAKA,  Motoyuki OZEKI,  Natsuki OKA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-83
Creation of Presence of a Fictional Roommate by Leaving a Note : An examination of message expressions that relieve the loneliness

Eri TAKASHIMA,  Motoyuki OZEKI,  Kanako MURAYAMA,  Natsuki OKA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-84
Computational Model of Word Comprehension and Production Process of Infants : Comparative Study with Observations

Yu WANG,  Chie FUKADA,  Motoyuki OZEKI,  Natsuki OKA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-85
Giving Intentionality to a Character of Fortune-Telling Style Consultation System Using Loss of a Sense of Agency

Mariko MAEDA,  Motoyuki OZEKI,  Natsuki OKA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-86
Twelve-month-olds' Ability to Learn Words : The Learnability of Sound Effect Words

Tessei KOBAYASHI,  Toshiki MURASE,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-87
Design of Parameters for Spatial Layout of Multiple Avatars Showing Communication Status

Yukari NAKATANI,  Tomoko YONEZAWA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-88
A study of interface to prevent the ignorance in SNS communication among high school students

Yuumi ISHIZAKI,  Koji KAZAI,  Haruhiro KATAYOSE,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-89
Disgust evoked by visual stimulus makes participants evaluate cleansing products to be preferable

Kasumi WATANABE,  Nobuyuki KAWAI,  Masami K YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-90
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