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Inhibitory control of emotional words for preschoolers

Fumikazu FURUMI,  Hidekazu OSANAI,  Taiga SHIMATANI,  Kaichi YANAOKA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-69
9-month-old infants' social referencing in the frustrating situations on the visual cliff : The change of coping behavior with experience

Mika UENO,  Ichiro UCHIYAMA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-70
Effect of Play Contexts on Mother's Responsiveness to Infant Behavior : Comparison among Shared Book Reading, Toy Play, and No Material Play Contexts

Ayumi SATO,  Etsuo HORIKAWA,  Ichiro UCHIYAMA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-71
Some Difficulties in the Comprehension of Relative Clauses in Indonesian as a Second Language

Takaaki SUZUKI,  Yuka AOKI,  Risa ONO,  Yurika ONO,  Hitomi SOGA,  Yuka WAKASUGI,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-72
The difference of the brain activity while listening to speech with slightly long pause stimuli or natural pause stimuli : Active source estimation from MEG and MRI data


[Paper #]HCS2013-73
An analysis of pupil size about eye contact perception

Masafumi MATSUDA,  Motoyasu HONMA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-74
A Group Discussion Experiment Focusing on a Change in an Impression

Kyoko ITO,  Shogo NISHIDA,  Yasuhiro MOCHIDA,  Miyuki IMADA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-75
Inferring Psychological States via Cursor Movements : Poorman's fMRI? in the Case of Self-Referential Ratings

Kenpei SHIINA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-76
Why Japanese Mothers Use IDS and ADS Words in Their Speech to Toddlers? : Relationships with Socialization Goals

Toshiki MURASE,  Tessei KOBAYASHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-77
Cross-linguistic universality of child word acquisition ages in comprehension and production

Yasuhiro MINAMI,  Tessei KOBAYASHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-78
Children's noun-object mapping using syntactic information

Yuka Ohtake,  Etsuko Haryu,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-79
Japanese infants' use of grammatical particles in segmenting and syntactically categorizing words

Etsuko HARYU,  Sachiyo KAJIKAWA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-80
Can Japanese-speaking 2-year-olds use the accusative case marker to infer the meaning of novel verbs?

Tessei KOBAYASHI,  Takaaki SUZUKI,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-81
Maintaining cultural values through colored geometric patterns

Keiko ISHII,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-82
Evaluation of Effects of Audio and Video of Mother on Sense of Security and Communicative Action of Children Staying at Home

Madoka SUZUKI,  Tomoaki OHTSUKI,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-83
Developmental changes of EI and stress coping in elementary school and junior high school students

Sahoko KOMATSU,  Yuji HAKODA,  Tomoyasu NAKAMURA,  Reizo KOIZUMI,  Yohei YAMADA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-84
School adaptation and mobile phone dependence among junior high school students

Koji MISHIMA,  Masayuki KUROKAWA,  Ayako ONISHI,  Masaru HONJO,  Masayuki HASHIMOTO,  Atsushi ITO,  Atsushi TAGAMI,  Kumi YOSHITAKE,  Toshikazu YOSHIDA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-85
Gratitude and regulatory fit in intergenerational communication

Megumi TABUCHI,  Moeko KAMIARIYA,  Ken'ichi NARITA,  Asako MIURA,  

[Paper #]HCS2013-86
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