Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Thought and Language(Date:2010/07/29)



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Processing the Japanese sentence with the particle topic marker "wa" or subject marker "ga" : The function of Japanese particles topic marker "wa" and subject marker "ga"

Kazuhisa OKAYASU,  

[Paper #]TL2010-11
Cues for Semantic Inference in L2 Verb Leaning : A Study on Chinese Native Speakers Learning Japanese

Kyoko SAKAMOTO,  Yuko NAKAISHI,  Shengyan LONG,  Hiromu SAKAI,  

[Paper #]TL2010-12
Preference between syntactic vs. prosodic cues in comprehension of aurally presented English sentences among Japanese EFL learner

Chie NAKAMURA,  Yasunari HARADA,  Shun ISHIZAKI,  

[Paper #]TL2010-13
Developmental change of brain activation during sentence comprehension

Satoru YOKOYAMA,  Yasuyuki TAKI,  Hiroshi HASHIZUME,  Takayuki NOZAWA,  Kei TAKAHASHI,  Ryuta KAWASHIMA,  

[Paper #]TL2010-14
Is Count/Mass Distinction Grammatically Drawn in Japanese? : an ERP Examination of Count/Mass Classifiers

Junko KANERO,  Mutsumi IMAI,  Hiroyuki OKADA,  

[Paper #]TL2010-15
Examination of Typing Mismatch Effect in processing of Japanese sika-nai construction

Yu BISE,  Tsutomu SAKAMOTO,  

[Paper #]TL2010-16
Processing two types of ditransitive sentences in Turkish : Preliminary results from a self-paced reading study

Baris KAHRAMAN,  Atsushi SATO,  Hiromu SAKAI,  

[Paper #]TL2010-17
Linking syntactic priming to language development : a visual world eye-tracking study

Manabu Arai,  Reiko Mazuka,  

[Paper #]TL2010-18
The involvement of inhibition function during garden-path recovery in sentence processing

Hiroaki Oishi,  Nobuyuki Jincho,  Reiko Mazuka,  

[Paper #]TL2010-19
Prosodic influence of if-subordination on ambiguity resolution : a production study

Yukiko Koizumi,  

[Paper #]TL2010-20
The Effects of Length and Prosodic Phrasing on Word Order : Speech Production in Japanese

Haruka AMATANI,  

[Paper #]TL2010-21
Time Course of Processing Word Order Alternation in Japanese : An ERP Investigation Using Reversible Sentences

Hiromu SAKAI,  Hajime ONO,  Shengyan LONG,  Ying DENG,  Hiroshi NITTONO,  

[Paper #]TL2010-22
Contextual Frequency as a Predictor for Word Order in Japanese Sentence Production

Tadahisa KONDO,  Hiroko YAMASHITA,  

[Paper #]TL2010-23
In the beginning was the Word of Gene, and the Word was Gene : Genetic and Linguistic Information Processing are both Digital Communication Systems (Digital Linguistics)

Kimiaki K. Tokumaru,  

[Paper #]TL2010-24
Morphologically structured lexical entries : A psycholinguistic study of -sa and -mi derivations in Japanese

Yu Ikemoto,  Harald Clashen,  

[Paper #]TL2010-25
Reduplication : Why languages run wild

Francesca Forza,  

[Paper #]TL2010-26
A Phase Theory-Based Computational Model of Sentence Generation


[Paper #]TL2010-27
Integration of Wh-Phrases and Predicates in Japanese Sentence Processing

Hajime ONO,  Kentaro NAKATANI,  

[Paper #]TL2010-28
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