Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Thought and Language(Date:2008/08/01)



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[Paper #]
On the relationship between language expression and language act

Young-Ho Cho,  

[Paper #]TL2008-12
Neuronal relationship among sub-processes on sentence comprehension in the human brain


[Paper #]TL2008-13
Neural mechanism of information retrieval unique to sentence comprehension


[Paper #]TL2008-14
Processing Japanese Simple Sentences in a Self-paced Listening Paradigm

Takaaki SUZUKI,  

[Paper #]TL2008-15
The Semantic Inference in the Acquisition of Verbal Lexical Concept : In the case of an adult Japanese native speaker

Kyoko SAKAMOTO,  Tomoaki SATO,  Naoko KOTAKE,  Ying DENG,  Rosalynn CHIU,  Youngju KIM,  Hajime ONO,  Hiromu SAKAI,  

[Paper #]TL2008-16
Asymmetry between arguments and adjuncts in processing structurally ambiguous sentences : Comparing NPs and adverbs in Japanese

Rosalynn CHIU,  Hajime ONO,  Hiromu SAKAI,  

[Paper #]TL2008-17
Exploratory research for processing of verbal irony comprehension : Does ISI affect reaction time of meaningfulness-decision task?

Yoritaka AKIMOTO,  

[Paper #]TL2008-18
A NIRS study investigating the effects of English experience on preschoolers' brain activities during listening to story narrations

Suguru MARUYAMA,  Akitsugu KONNO,  Souta HIDAKA,  Hiroshi SHIBATA,  Michiyo KURIHARA,  Akihiro TANAKA,  Masatoshi KOIZUMI,  Jiro GYOBA,  Hiroko HAGIWARA,  

[Paper #]TL2008-19
Effects of English experiences on preschoolers' brain activities in listening to /ra/ and /la/ contrast : A NIRS study

Akitsugu KONNO,  Suguru MARUYAMA,  Souta HIDAKA,  Akihiro TANAKA,  Masatoshi KOIZUMI,  Jiro GYOBA,  Hiroko HAGIWARA,  

[Paper #]TL2008-20
Effects of development and foreign language activities on the semantic processing of native language in preschool children : A longitudinal ERP study

Yuika SUZUKI,  Hiroshi SHIBATA,  Yuichiro FUKUMITSU,  Masatoshi KOIZUMI,  Jiro GYOBA,  Hiroko HAGIWARA,  

[Paper #]TL2008-21
Priming effects in Japanese passive sentence production : Evidence from Picture-description task in dialogue

Ying DENG,  Hajime ONO,  Hiromu SAKAI,  

[Paper #]TL2008-22
Monitoring metrical information in internally generated speech : An investigation of pitch-accent assignment using a default rule

Yoichi KURETA,  Takao FUSHIMI,  Naoko SAKUMA,  Itaru F. TATSUMI,  

[Paper #]TL2008-23
The Signal Processing in a Brain and a Programmable Voice Recognition System

Shinji Karasawa,  Masatoshi Iwamoto,  

[Paper #]TL2008-24
Children's Word-Order Preferences in Japanese Ditransitive Constructions

Shin-Ichi TAMURA,  Masatoshi KOIZUMI,  Takuya GORO,  Natsuko KATSURA,  Yoshiaki KANEKO,  Noriaki YUSA,  Hiroko HAGIWARA,  

[Paper #]TL2008-25
The Development of Metalinguistic Awareness in Japanese Children : Effects of Early English Education

Natsuko KATSURA,  Masatoshi KOIZUMI,  Takuya GOURO,  Shin-ichi TAMURA,  Noriaki YUSA,  Hiroko HAGIWARA,  

[Paper #]TL2008-26
Effect of sentential contexts on word-action associations in 12- to 18-month-old Japanese infants

Tessei KOBAYASHI,  Ryoko MUGITANI,  Franklin CHANG,  Shigeaki AMANO,  

[Paper #]TL2008-27
Formal Features : Their Uniformity and Variation in Phonological Manifestation

Yeun-Jin Jung,  

[Paper #]TL2008-28
Raising-to-Object in Japanese and the Role of Topic/Nominative Case Markers in the Cognitive Processing

Naoki KIMURA,  

[Paper #]TL2008-29
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