Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Safety(Date:2017/08/22)

The study on inform and warn about residual risk to the user

Hiroyuki Omura(FOOMA),  

[Paper #]SSS2017-15
Study of Simple Type Risk Assessment Method for Food Processing Machinery

Shigeo Umezaki(JNIOSH),  Shoken Shimizu(JNIOSH),  Kyoko Hamajima(JNIOSH),  

[Paper #]SSS2017-14
Risk and Vulnerability Concerning Occupational Accidents Caused by Industrial Machines

Kyoko Hamajima(JNIOSH),  Shigeo Umezaki(JNIOSH),  Shoken Shimizu(JNIOSH),  

[Paper #]SSS2017-13
Study on the competence of leaders who introduce HACCP to small and medium-sized food businesses

Hirokatsu Shindo(Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Tech.),  Goichiro Yukawa(Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Tech.),  

[Paper #]SSS2017-18
Development of Finger-Shaped Tester to Estimate Damage of Jamming on Finger

Yoshiki Miyajima(NUT),  Takabumi Fukuda(NUT),  

[Paper #]SSS2017-16
An Attempt to Collate Certified Negligence in Food-Related Accident Lawsuits and the HACCP System.

Kentaro Kawase(The Nisshin OilliO Group),  Hajime Toyofuku(Yamaguchi Univ.),  Kazuo Hisa(OPU),  Makiko Okamoto(Nagaoka Univ. of Tech.),  

[Paper #]SSS2017-17