Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Safety(Date:2016/08/23)

Improvement of Human Factor Analyzing Method in RTRI

Yumeko Miyachi(RTRI),  Akiko Murakoshi(RTRI),  Sohei Itaya(RTRI),  

[Paper #]SSS2016-15
Background and overview of the revision of ISO/IEC Guide 51

Ikuo Maeda(IDEC),  

[Paper #]SSS2016-17
Consideration on Risk Assessment

Takabumi Fukuda(NUT),  

[Paper #]SSS2016-16
Principles of safety requirements of IEC 62368-1 for Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment

Takahiko Kondo(JQA),  

[Paper #]SSS2016-18
A Proposal of a similarity index of drug PTP sheet packages

Masaomi Kimura(SIT),  

[Paper #]SSS2016-14
Integration of safety knowledge

Eihiro Hiranuma(SP),  

[Paper #]SSS2016-13
Conformity assessment ethical of safety

Eihiro Hiranuma(SP),  

[Paper #]
Study on the effectiveness and applicable limitations of functional safety.

Shigeo Umezaki(JNIOSH),  Shoken Shimizu(JNIOSH),  Kyoko Hamajima(JNIOSH),  

[Paper #]SSS2016-19