Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Safety(Date:2015/10/20)

[Invited Talk] The Structure of Safety Management for Purchase and Use in Daily Living of Consumer

Satoko Tsuru(UTokyo),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-15
[Invited Talk] Swimming Pool Design for Enhancing Its Safety

Kenji Iino(SYDROSE),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-16
[Invited Talk] Security of consumers

Siichiro Inoue(ISL),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-17
[Invited Talk] Accidents of Power Driven Parking of Motor Vehicles

Tetsu Moriyama(TMLAB),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-14
[Invited Talk] Safety of elevator by mutual complementarity of design and maintenance.

Masatoshi Kakegawa(Global Environment Energy Institute),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-13
[Invited Talk] Escalator accident analysis by using a digital human model

Yusuke Miyazaki(Tokyo Tech),  

[Paper #]
[Invited Talk] Proof of causal relationship and relief of sufferers

Ryo Shimizu(UT),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-18