Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Social Implications of Technology and Information Ethics(Date:2016/06/02)

Secrecy Laws in Japan and communication technologies

Makoto Koike(MK Microwave Research),  

[Paper #]SITE2016-4
Privacy Preserving Digital Contents Circulation System Using Bitcoin 2.0

Kohei Miura(KIT),  Hiroyuki Inaba(KIT),  

[Paper #]SITE2016-2
A study of privacy information treatment method for Internet users

Shinji Ishii(Saitama Univ.),  Takaaki Hasegawa(Saitama Univ.),  

[Paper #]SITE2016-3
A detection method of man-in-the-middle attack based on the variance of the RTT

Hayato Sato(SIT),  Sumiko Miyata(SIT),  Norio Kashima(SIT),  

[Paper #]SITE2016-1
Independence of robots

Yuko Murakami(Tohoku U),  

[Paper #]SITE2016-5
On the Moral Value of Privacy

Takushi Otani(Kibi International Univ.),  

[Paper #]SITE2016-6