Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Smart Info-Media Systems(Date:2013/02/28)



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[Paper #]
A study on test image production using frequency domain correlation with convex function for radiographic inspection equipments

Yoichi KATO,  Tetsuya TANIZAKI,  Hiroshi YASUKAWA,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-45
Study of image enlargement method using steganography techniques

Yuko ISHIDA,  Hiroshi YASUKAWA,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-46
A Study on Contour Extraction Algorithm Using ACM-SE

Satoshi URATA,  Hiroshi YASUKAWA,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-47
The visualization and spatiotemporal analysis of lattice structure of the Diet Record based on formal concept analysis

Kazuhito SAWASE,  Hajime NOBUHARA,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-48
Extraction of Similar Words Based on Adaptation and Time-correlation of Maximal Substrings from Tweets of The Same Topic

Yuichiro HISANO,  Kazuhito SAWASE,  Hajime NOBUHARA,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-49
A study on vechicle and pedestrian detection using linear microphone array

Akitoshi ITAI,  Hiroshi YASUKAWA,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-50
Walking Path Estimation based on Human Detection System with Communication Characteristics

Kodai YOKOO,  Hiroshi YASUKAWA,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-51
A study regarding real-time data processing for Kinect sensor on an embedded-system

Takanori KOGA,  Chinbat CHINDEGSUREN,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-52
A Study on Super High Definition Image Wireless Transmission

Yuya MIYAOKA,  JR Leonardo LANANTE,  Masayuki KUROSAKI,  Hiroshi OCHI,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-53
A Study on QAM Transmission on MCMA Eaualization with A11 Pass Filter

Masathune Ishihara,  Shuhei Shibata,  Naoto Sasaoka,  James Okello,  Yoshio Itoh,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-54
Development and Experimental Evaluation of Outdoor MIMO Wireless Transmission Unit


[Paper #]SIS2012-55
Color Image Enhancement Based on Differential Value of Intensity/Saturation Components Histogram Equalization

Keita NAKAI,  Akira TAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-56
An Improvement of Data Embedding Method in Information Retrieval from Printed Images Considering Mobile Devices

Arata SAKO,  Mitsuji MUNEYASU,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-57
An application of edge-preserving smoothing using depth information to image resizing

Takanori KOGA,  Noriaki SUETAKE,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-58
Robust Trilateral Filter Using Order Statistics of Pixel Values

Tadahiro AZETSU,  Noriaki SUETAKE,  Eiji UCHINO,  

[Paper #]STS2012-S9
Generating a lambda map in spatial adaptive TV filter

Masaru TANAKA,  Sho MIURA,  Hiroyuki TSUJI,  Tomoaki KIMURA,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-60
Introduction of Music Signal and Information Processing Technologies in Corporate Research and Development Center, Yamaha Corporataion

Kazunobu KONDO,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-61
A study on Noise Suppression for Cardiac Sound

Takashi SUDO,  Hirokazu TANAKA,  Chika SUGIMOTO,  Ryuji KOHNO,  

[Paper #]SIS2012-62
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