Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Nonlinear Problems(Date:2009/07/06)



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[Paper #]
Dependency between the Survival Density and Initial Configuration of the Stochastic Game of Life


[Paper #]NLP2009-14,NC2009-7
Composition of Feature Space and State Space Dynamics Models for Model-based Reinforcement Learning


[Paper #]NLP2009-15,NC2009-8
Acceleration of Learning Process of Self-Organizing Maps Using Asymmetric Neighborhood Functions

Kaiichiro OTA,  Takaaki AOKI,  Koji KURATA,  Toshio AOYAGI,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-16,NC2009-9
Recurrent Infomax in neuronal network with various firing rate and reliability

Takuya HORI,  Takuma TANAKA,  Toshio AOYAGI,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-17,NC2009-10
Learning to imitate stochastic time series in a compositional way by chaos


[Paper #]NLP2009-18,NC2009-11
Trade-off between cell-to-cell synchronization and trial-to-trial reliability in recurrent networks of spiking neurons : Noise-induced synchronization between nonlinear systems

Jun-nosuke TERAMAE,  Tomoki FUKAI,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-19,NC2009-12
Minimum Conditional Entropy Principle Inferred from Irregular Firing of in Vivo Cortical Neurons

Yasuhiro TSUBO,  Yoshikazu ISOMURA,  Tomoki FUKAI,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-20,NC2009-13
Estrus Detection of Cattle by Activity using Neural Network

Ryosuke KAWAKAMI,  Toru WATANABE,  Makoto DOHI,  Motoi NAKASHIMA,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-21,NC2009-14
An interpretation of same-object advantage as spreading spatial attention

Satoshi NISHIDA,  Tomohiro SHIBATA,  Kazushi IKEDA,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-22,NC2009-15
Estimation of Driving State by Modeling Brake Pressure Signails

Hiroki MIMA,  Kazushi IKEDA,  Tomohiro SHIBATA,  NAOKI Fukaya,  Kentaro HITOMI,  Takashi BANDO,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-23,NC2009-16
Neural representation of observed action in parieto-premotor cortex : an fMRI study with multi-voxel pattern analysis

Kenji OGAWA,  Toshio INUI,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-24,NC2009-17
Uncorrelated inputs driven correlations in sub-Boolean networks

Chikoo OOSAWA,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-25,NC2009-18
Solving Sink Node Allocation Problems for Long-term Operation of Wireless Sensor Networks Using SPSO

Masaki YOSHIMURA,  Hidehiro NAKANO,  Akihide UTANI,  Arata MIYAUCHI,  Hisao YAMAMOTO,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-26,NC2009-19
An Efficient Flooding Scheme Using Chaotic Neural Networks in Wireless Sensor Networks

Tomoyuki SASAKI,  Hidehiro NAKANO,  Akihide UTANI,  Arata MIYAUCHI,  Hisao YAMAMOTO,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-27,NC2009-20
ART-based Parallel Ant Colony Optimizer : An application to TSP

Hiroshi KOSHIMIZU,  Toshimichi SAITO,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-28,NC2009-21
A Competitive PSO Based on Evaluation with Priority for Finding Plural Solutions

Yu TAGUCHI,  Hidehiro NAKANO,  Arata MIYAUCHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-29,NC2009-22
Speeding up Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Using a Ring-Type State Recognition Method

Kyohei ONO,  Hidehiro NAKANO,  Arata MIYAUCHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-30,NC2009-23
On the Posterior Distribution of HMMs for a Long Sequence

Keisuke YAMAZAKI,  

[Paper #]NLP2009-31,NC2009-24
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