Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Nonlinear Problems(Date:2002/03/08)



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[Paper #]
Synthesis Procedure of an Associative Memory with Genetic Algorithm

Haruhiro TAKEUCHI,  Kenya JIN'NO,  Haruo HIROSE,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-101
FPGA Implementation of a Cellular Automata by using Verilog-HDL

Hiroaki HAMABE,  Kenya JIN'NO,  Haruo HIROSE,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-102
Performance Evaluation of An Optimization Method for Quadratic Assignment Problems by Chaotic Dynamics

Keiichi SATO,  Tohru IKEGUCHI,  Mikio HASEGAWA,  Kazuyuki AIHARA,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-103
On Analog Circuit Implementation of Chaotic-Neuro-System for Quadratic Assignment Problem (1)

Kentaro Tanaka,  Yoshihiko Horio,  Kazuyuki Aihara,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-104
An attempt to search for parameter sets for non-periodical dynamics in dynamical neural network models

Masaharu ADACHI,  Katsuhiro SAITO,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-105
Chaotic neural network model of obsessive-compulsive disorder : Approach to behavior therapy and neurosurgical treatment

Shigeru KUBOTA,  Kazuyuki AIHARA,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-106
Analysis of Statistical Thermo Dynamical Collisional Reaction among the High Density Bio Molecular Particles

H Hirayama,  Y Okita,  T Sugiura,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-107
Passivity of Cellular Neural Networks

Yuichi TANJI,  Shinji ITAKURA,  Mamoru TANAKA,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-108
Solving Ability of Hopfield Neural Networks with Chaotic Noise and Burst Noise for QAP

Yoko UWATE,  Yoshifumi NISHIO,  Tetsushi UETA,  Tohru KAWABE,  Tohru IKEGUCHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-109
Auto-Associative Memories Based on Recurrent Multilayer Perceptrons and Sparsely Interconnected Neural Networks

Takeshi KAMIO,  Mititada MORISUE,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-110
On planning of maneuvering motion of a ship based on reinforcement learning

Kunihiko MITSUBORI,  Takeshi KAMIO,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-111
A Prediction System with Layered-type Neural Networks for Periodization

Tsutomu YOSHIDA,  Takao YAMAMOTO,  Kenya JIN'NO,  Haruo HIROSE,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-112
Triangular Arbitrage Chances Observed in Short-Term Foreign Exchange Fluctuation Data


[Paper #]NLP2001-113
Multifractal analysis of stock market price

Takaaki OHNISHI,  Kazuyuki AIHAR,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-114
Influence of irregular fluctuations in Japanese vowels on the auditory naturalness of voiced sounds


[Paper #]NLP2001-115
On Evaluation of Noise Levels for Quantized Observed Data

Tomoya SUZUKI,  Tohru IKEGUCHI,  Masuo SUZUKI,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-116
Performance Evaluation of Nonlinear Modeling Methods for Event Sizes and Event Timings

Yoshitaka KANNO,  Tohru IKEGUCHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-117
Effectiveness and limitation of a method for control of chaos with reinforcement learning and its application to a simple chaotic neural network

Norihisa SATOU,  Hitoaki UTUMI,  Masaharu ADACHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2001-118
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