Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Nonlinear Problems(Date:1997/02/07)



[Paper #]


[Paper #]
Segregation of Sand - Glass Beads Mixture

Keiichi Ueda,  Ryo Kobayashi,  

[Paper #]NLP96-141,NC96-95
Synchronization in Chaotic Circuits Mutually Full-Coupled by Capacitors

Hiroo Sekiya,  Mako Noguchi,  Seiichiro Moro,  Shinsaku Mori,  

[Paper #]NLP96-142,NC96-96
On Chaotic Circuits Coupled by Switching Pulse

Kunihiko MITSUBORI,  Toshimichi SAITO,  

[Paper #]NLP96-143,NC96-97
Bifurcation of a unidirectionally coupled oscillator

Hiroyuki KITAJIMA,  Hirosi KAWAKAMI,  

[Paper #]NLP96-144,NC96-98
Analysis of Periodic Solution with Two Different Square Wave Generators

Takuji Kousaka,  Hiroshi Kawakami,  Tetsushi Ueta,  

[Paper #]NLP96-145,NC96-99
Analysis for Non Linear Properties of Blood Flow in Arteries.

H Hirayama,  T Hatsune,  K Katoh,  K Baba,  Y Fukuyama,  

[Paper #]NLP96-146,NC96-100
Nonlinear Inverse System via Volterra Series

Satoshi ICHIKAWA,  

[Paper #]NLP96-147,NC96-101
A Hierarchical Bayes Framework for Deconvolution Problems


[Paper #]NLP96-148,NC96-102
A hierachical Bayesian approach of ARD(Automatic Relevance Determination) with M.L.P.

Y. Nakajima,  T. Matsumoto,  

[Paper #]NLP96-149,NC96-103
Fuzzy Logic Control Based on Sugeno-Type Model and its Application to a Truck Backer-Upper Control

Izumiko Tsushima,  Kunio Oishi,  Shoichiro Yamaguchi,  

[Paper #]NLP96-150,NC96-104
Second-order Learning Algorithm with Squared Penalty Term

Kazumi Saito,  Ryohei Nakano,  

[Paper #]NLP96-151,NC96-105
A Long-term Potentiation Including the Rule of NMDA Recepotrs in The Hippocampal CA1 Model

Kazutosi Takano,  Yoshifumi Sekine,  

[Paper #]NLP96-152,NC96-106
Self-Organizing Formation of Receptive Fields and Competitive System

Satoshi MAEKAWA,  Hidefumi SAWAI,  

[Paper #]NLP96-153,NC96-107
Context-specific adaptation of throwing while loohng through prisms(Part 1)

Masahiko Fujita,  

[Paper #]NLP96-154,NC96-108
A study of figure recognition process of a three-layered neural network learned geometrical feature space

Yasunori KATOH,  Toshiaki TAKEDA,  Takahide MATSUOKA,  

[Paper #]NLP96-155,NC96-109
Can connectionism bridge the cognitive-neuroscience gap? : A case study on filler-filler versus filler-role methods for representing relations

Phillips Steven,  Kazuo Hiraki,  Toshiharu Nakai,  Kazuhisa Niki,  

[Paper #]NLP96-156,NC96-110
Study of Memory Search by Natural Language in the Associdtion-Memory Model;PATON

Eun-A So,  Takashi Omori,  Akiko Mochizuki,  

[Paper #]NLP96-157,NC96-111
Model of Instruction Sentence Interpretation and Practice by Interaction of Multipul State Transition Networks

Masanao Kinpara,  Takashi Omori,  

[Paper #]NLP96-158,NC96-112
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