Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Mathematical Systems Science and its applications(Date:2018/11/12)

Simultaneous aging evaluation of multiple live line AC/DC converters

Fumihiko Ishiyama(NTT),  Yohei Toriumi(NTT),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-62,MSS2018-38
Stability Subnet Detection of Petri Net by Circuit Flow-Matrix Transformation

Yojiro Harie(Shinshu Univ.),  Katsumi Wasaki(Shinshu Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-64,MSS2018-40
A Method for Improving Memory Efficiency of the Reachability Graph Generation Process in General Petri Nets

Kohei Fujimori(Shinshu Univ.),  Yojiro Harie(Shinshu Univ.),  Katsumi Wasaki(Shinshu Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-65,MSS2018-41
[Invited Talk] Robust Optimization and its Application to Supervised Learning

Akiko Takeda(U.Tokyo),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-67,MSS2018-43
A Petri net model for heart rate variability biofeedback

Sachie Shinzato(Univ. of the Ryujyus),  Morikazu Nakamura(Univ. of the Ryujyus),  Hideki Kinjo(Okinawa Univ.),  Itsuki Kunita(Univ. of the Ryujyus),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-66,MSS2018-42
A Reordering Method via Rules Pairing based on Average Weights

Takashi Fuchino(Kanagawa Univ.),  Takashi Harada(Kanagawa Univ.),  Ken Tanaka(Kanagawa Univ.),  Kenji Mikawa(Niigata Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-63,MSS2018-39
A Study on Spin Update Method of Ising Model

Yuki Naito(TUAT),  Kunihiro Fujiyoshi(TUAT),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-61,MSS2018-37
How to build a polynomial function enclosure for Neural Networks with parametric rectified linear units

Hideaki Okazaki(SIT),  Kazuya Ozawa(SIT),  Kaito Isogai(SIT),  Toshihiro Tachibana(SIT),  Hideo Nakano(SIT),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-71,MSS2018-47
Process mining approach for the conformance checking of discrete-event simulation model

Kenji Uehara(JAIST),  Kunihiko Hiraishi(JAIST),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-75,MSS2018-51
Numerical evaluation of parking lot layouts by the layered multi-agent simulation techniques

Takeshi Oyama(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  Kazutoshi Sakakibara(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  Masaki Nakamura(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  Takuya Matsumoto(Sohatsu),  Makoto Ohara(Kobe Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-68,MSS2018-44
Extension of Frequency Logic for Cooperation Analysis of Diverse Data

Osamu Takaki(Gunma Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-77,MSS2018-53
Study on Mid-term Planning of Radiographer Scheduling Problem

Toshiyuki Miyamoto(Osaka Univ.),  Kuniyuki Hidaka(Osaka Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-69,MSS2018-45
Fast Implementation for All-pair Shortest Paths on Vector Computation

Yasuhiro Takashima(Univ. of Kitakyushu),  Takuya Araki(NEC),  Takeo Hosomi(NEC),  Yuichi Nakamura(NEC),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-74,MSS2018-50
On formal verification of mathematical programming models by algebraic specifications

Masaki Nakamura(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  Kazutoshi Sakakibara(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-76,MSS2018-52
A Study of Degradation Diagnosis of Lithium-ion Battery Using Neural Networks

Masahito Arima(Ritsumeikan Univ.),  Lei Lin(Ritsumeikan Univ.),  Masahiro Fukui(Ritsumeikan Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-73,MSS2018-49
Water level prediction technology in urban rivers using pump operation data

Tetsutaro Yamada(Mitsubishi Electric),  Hiroshi Sasahara(Mitsubishi Electric),  Yoshifumi Iida(Mitsubishi Electric),  Takashi Kakinuma(Mitsubishi Electric),  Seiichi Nagai(Mitsubishi Electric),  Hiroshi Kameda(Mitsubishi Electric),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-70,MSS2018-46
On an approximated polynomial function by neural networks with parametric rectified linear units

Kazuya Ozawa(SIT),  Toshihiro Tachibana(SIT),  Hideo Nakano(SIT),  Hideaki Okazaki(SIT),  

[Paper #]CAS2018-72,MSS2018-48