Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Mathematical Systems Science and its applications(Date:2014/01/23)



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[Paper #]
Scheduling of Multi-Hop Control Networks with Optimal Control Performance

Yasuki NANAMORI,  Toshimitsu USHIO,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-51,SS2013-48
Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Job Scheduling in Cloud Systems

Supacheep AMTADE,  Toshiyuki MIYAMOTO,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-52,SS2013-49
A Web Recipe Conversion Algorithm for Cooking-Step Scheduling


[Paper #]MSS2013-53,SS2013-50
An Efficient Parametric Execution Time Analysis of Real-Time Programs Using Approximation and its Evaluation

Keisuke SUGIHARA,  Akio NAKATA,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-54,SS2013-51
A Method for Extracting Necessary Information for Performance Verification from Extended SysML Diagrams

Yusuke MOTOIE,  Akio NAKATA,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-55,SS2013-52
High Performance and Low Energy Consumption by Aspect-Oriented Programming

Hironori Washizaki,  Kota Ohkawara,  Akihiro Hara,  Yoshiaki Fukazawa,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-56,SS2013-53
A Polynomial Time Conversion Method of Footprints from Structure of Workflow Nets and Its Application

Sohma NISHI,  Shingo YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-57,SS2013-54
Solvability for The Maximum Legal Firing Sequence Problem of Inhibitor-Arc Petri nets : Unweighted/Weighted Conflict-Free Petri nets

Satoshi TAOKA,  Satoru OCHIIWA,  Toshimasa WATANABE,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-58,SS2013-55
On Polynomial Time Checking on Reachability in Sound Cyclic Well-Structured Workflow Nets

Yuan QU,  Shingo YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-59,SS2013-56
Modeling and Analysis of Quantum Circuits by using Extended Petri Nets


[Paper #]MSS2013-60,SS2013-57
Distributed Online Decision Tree Learning for Stream Data Based on Actor Model

Koichi YAMAMOTO,  Kohei SAKURAI,  Satoshi YAMANE,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-61,SS2013-58
Bounded model checking based in SMT for CISC embedded assembly programs

Atsushi TAKESHITA,  Junpei KOBASHI,  Satoshi YAMANE,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-62,SS2013-59
Runtime Control of a Program based on Quantitative Information Flow

BaoTrung CHU,  Kenji HASHIMOTO,  Hiroyuki SEKI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-63,SS2013-60
Improving a Test Case Generation Method for Faulty Interaction Location

Takahiro NAGAMOTO,  Hideharu KOJIMA,  Tatsuhiro TSUCHIYA,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-64,SS2013-61
Basic Concept of Flexible Control of FA Systems for Peak Power Cut and Process Progress

Mitsukuni KARUBE,  Koji TAKAHASHI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-65,SS2013-62
Studies on If-then Rule Induction by Statistical Rough Set Method and its Simulation Experiment

Yuichi Kato,  Tetsuro Saeki,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-66,SS2013-63
Maximal Permissiveness of the Output Feedback Controller for Similarity Control of Transition Systems

Naoki KUSHI,  Shigemasa TAKAI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-67,SS2013-64
Computer processing model as language translation

Fumiko KOUDA,  Takashi CHIKAYAMA,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-68,SS2013-65
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