Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Mathematical Systems Science and its applications(Date:2012/06/25)



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[Paper #]
A Robust Algebraic Phase Unwrapping Based on Spline Approximation

Daichi KITAHARA,  Isao YAMADA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-1,VLD2012-11,SIP2012-33,MSS2012-1
Sparsification of Time Windows for EEG Signal Classification During Motor Imagery

Hiroshi HIGASHI,  Toshihisa TANAKA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-2,VLD2012-12,SIP2012-34,MSS2012-2
Wavelet-based Content-Aware Image Coding with Rate-Dependent Seam Carving

Yuichi TANAKA,  Taichi YOSHIDA,  Madoka HASEGAWA,  Shigeo KATO,  Masaaki IKEHARA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-3,VLD2012-13,SIP2012-35,MSS2012-3
A Study on Two-layer Coding for HDR Images with Multiple Tone-mapping Effects

Takao JINNO,  Hiroya WATANABE,  Masahiro OKUDA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-4,VLD2012-14,SIP2012-36,MSS2012-4
Image Colorization Based on The Mixed L0/L1 Norm Minimization

Kazunori URUMA,  Katsumi KONISHI,  Tomohiro TAKAHASHI,  Toshihiro FURUKAWA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-5,VLD2012-15,SIP2012-37,MSS2012-5
A method for tracking kernel principal subspace

Toshihisa TANAKA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-6,VLD2012-16,SIP2012-38,MSS2012-6
Verification of embedded software in Assembly code by SMT prover

Atsushi TAKESHITA,  Junpei KOBASHI,  Satoshi YAMANE,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-7,VLD2012-17,SIP2012-39,MSS2012-7
On a Wideband Fast Fourier Transform Using A Piecewise Linear Approximation : Applied to a Radio Telescope Spectrometer

Hiroki NAKAHARA,  Hiroyuki NAKANISHI,  Tsutomu SASAO,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-8,VLD2012-18,SIP2012-40,MSS2012-8
An asynchronous tree arbiter with ability of concealing metastable operation duration time

Masafumi KONDO,  Kuniaki OHYAMA,  Yusuke KOYOSHI,  Tomoyuki YOKOGAWA,  Yoichiro SATO,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-9,VLD2012-19,SIP2012-41,MSS2012-9
An Evaluation of Heuristic Fault Simulation Algorithms for Transient Faults in Sequential Circuits

Taiga TAKATA,  Masayoshi YOSHIMURA,  Yusuke MATSUNAGA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-10,VLD2012-20,SIP2012-42,MSS2012-10
A Quantitative Approach of Soft Error Rate Estimation by Monte-Carlo Simulation

Ken Yano,  Takanori Hayashida,  Toshinori Sato,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-11,VLD2012-21,SIP2012-43,MSS2012-11
On efficiently computing of indirect implications


[Paper #]CAS2012-12,VLD2012-22,SIP2012-44,MSS2012-12
Model-based Development : An enabler of the birth of SKYACTIV Technology

Yasuhiro Harada,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-13,VLD2012-23,SIP2012-45,MSS2012-13
An Evacuation Behavior Simulation Introduced by Mutual Concessions of Agents

Sanae OGIHARA,  Kentaro TANI,  Yoshinobu MAEDA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-14,VLD2012-24,SIP2012-46,MSS2012-14
Fast Simulation of Multiconductor Transmission Lines Using Nodal Block Relaxation (NBR) Method

Takahiro TAKASAKI,  Tadatoshi SEKINE,  Hideki ASAI,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-15,VLD2012-25,SIP2012-47,MSS2012-15
On Minimum Feedback Vertex Sets in Graphs

Asahi TAKAOKA,  Satoshi TAYU,  Shuichi UENO,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-16,VLD2012-26,SIP2012-48,MSS2012-16
Lexicographic ranking and unranking of derangements in cycle notation

Kenji MIKAWA,  Ken TANAKA,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-17,VLD2012-27,SIP2012-49,MSS2012-17
On effects of difference in available information on waiting time for battery charging for electric vehicles

Kazuyuki MIYAKITA,  Keisuke NAKANO,  

[Paper #]CAS2012-18,VLD2012-28,SIP2012-50,MSS2012-18
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