Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Mathematical Systems Science and its applications(Date:2011/06/23)



[Paper #]
A Lloyd-Max Based Quantization Algorithm for Digital Images with Sparse Histogram

Takuya SHIMOJOH,  Hiroki IIDUKA,  Masahiro IWAHASHI,  Hitoshi KIYA,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-1,VLD2011-8,SIP2011-30,MSS2011-1
Prediction of Response Probability Distribution by Considering Additive Property of Energy Variable and Evaluation in Decibel Scale for Sound Environment System with Unknown Structure

Hisako ORIMOTO,  Akira IKUTA,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-2,VLD2011-9,SIP2011-31,MSS2011-2
Complex Chebyshev Approximation Method for FIR Filters Using a Recalculated Maximum Allowable Deviation

Kosuke TERAMOTO,  Toma MIYATA,  Naoyuki AIKAWA,  Yasunori SUGITA,  Toshinori YOSHIKAWA,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-3,VLD2011-10,SIP2011-32,MSS2011-3
Statistical Mechanical Analysis of the Filtered-X LMS Algorithm (II)

Seiji MIYOSHI,  Yoshinobu KAJIKAWA,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-4,VLD2011-11,SIP2011-33,MSS2011-4
Architecture Development of Foreground Segmentation LSI Using GMM

Ryo YAGI,  Tomohito KAJIMOTO,  Takao NISHITANI,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-5,VLD2011-12,SIP2011-34,MSS2011-5
Petri Net Based Task Scheduling for Dynamically Partially Reconfigurable FPGAs

Yuya SAKAI,  Toshimitsu USHIO,  Jun KOHJINA,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-6,VLD2011-13,SIP2011-35,MSS2011-6
Relationship between Equilibria of Multicriteria and Multiperspective 2-player 2-strategy Games

Hiromi TSUBOTANI,  Takafumi KANAZAWA,  Toshimitsu USHIO,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-7,VLD2011-14,SIP2011-36,MSS2011-7
A Relocation Planning Method for Railway Cars in Final Assembly Shop

Yoichi NAGAO,  Shinichi NAKANO,  Akifumi HOSHINO,  Yasushi KANETA,  Toshiyuki KITA,  Masakazu OKAMOTO,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-8,VLD2011-15,SIP2011-37,MSS2011-8
Control of Multi Car Elevator System for Traffic Improvement and Energy Saving

Kentaro NAKAYAMA,  NguyenQuang HUNG,  Koji TAKAHASHI,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-9,VLD2011-16,SIP2011-38,MSS2011-9
My Youth dedicated to Automated Circuit Design : A hidden episode at the dawn of computer-age

Hitoshi Watanabe,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-10,VLD2011-17,SIP2011-39,MSS2011-10
Video Quality Improvement of MCFI Using Bidirectional Motion Compensation based on Interpolated Frame

Masaru HOSHI,  Yuichi TANAKA,  Madoka HASEGAWA,  Shigeo KATO,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-11,VLD2011-18,SIP2011-40,MSS2011-11
Image Quality Assessment Method for Various-Sized Images Based on SSIM

Daiki AZUMA,  Yuichi TANAKA,  Madoka HASEGAWA,  Shigeo KATO,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-12,VLD2011-19,SIP2011-41,MSS2011-12
A Stady on Three Layer HDR Coding Method using Two Tone-mapping Algorithms

Takao JINNO,  Masahiro OKUDA,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-13,VLD2011-20,SIP2011-42,MSS2011-13
Weather parameter estimation of Doppler weather radar by a robust mixture model

Satoshi KON,  Toshihisa TANAKA,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-14,VLD2011-21,SIP2011-43,MSS2011-14
Optimal Design of a Spatio-Temporal Filter Bank for EEG Signal Classification

Hiroshi HIGASHI,  Toshihisa TANAKA,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-15,VLD2011-22,SIP2011-44,MSS2011-15
A Sampling Theorem for Periodic Piecewise Polynomials Using Sinc Kernel


[Paper #]CAS2011-16,VLD2011-23,SIP2011-45,MSS2011-16
Model Predictive Control for Hybrid Systems : Approximate Precomputation Based on Transition Relations

Sunseong CHOE,  Kunihiko HIRAISHI,  Koichi KOBAYASHI,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-17,VLD2011-24,SIP2011-46,MSS2011-17
Modeling of Decision Making Processes to Adapt to Production Enviromental Changes

Takuma SUZUKI,  Susumu HASHIZUME,  Katsuaki ONOGI,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-18,VLD2011-25,SIP2011-47,MSS2011-18
On a Condition for Refactoring of Acyclic Extended Free Choice Workflow Nets to Acyclic Well-Structured Workflow Nets

Bozhong SUN,  Shingo YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]CAS2011-19,VLD2011-26,SIP2011-48,MSS2011-19
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