Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:2019/05/17)

K(I)Sch-CBPKC Based on Message-Dependent Transformation

Masao Kasahara(Waseda Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-6
The amount of information leakage of decryption keys through timing attacks on RSA decryption system

Tomonori Hirata(Nagoya Univ.),  Yuichi Kaji(Nagoya Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-7
[Invited Talk] Risk of Re-identification from Payment Card Histories in Multiple Domains (from AINA 2018)

Satoshi Ito(Meiji Univ.),  Reo Harada(Meiji Univ.),  Hiroaki Kikuchi(Meiji Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-9
[Invited Talk] Attacking Noisy Secret CRT-RSA Exponents in Binary Method (from ICISC 2018)

Kento Oonishi(UTokyo),  Noboru Kunihiro(UTokyo),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-2
[Invited Talk] A Generic Construction of Integrated Secure-Channel Free PEKS and PKE (from ISPEC 2018)

Tatsuya Suzuki(Tokai Univ./NICT),  Keita Emura(NICT),  Toshihiro Ohigashi(Tokai Univ./NICT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-10
[Invited Talk] Simulation-based Receiver Selective Opening CCA Secure PKE from Standard Computational Assumptions(from SCN 2018)

Keisuke Hara(TokyoTech),  Fuyuki Kitagawa(TokyoTech),  Takahiro Matsuda(AIST),  Goichiro Hanaoka(AIST),  Keisuke Tanaka(TokyoTech),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-1
[Invited Talk] Analysis of Mixed PUF-TRNG Circuit Based on SR-Latches in FD-SOI Technology (from DSD 2018)

Jean-Luc Danger(Telecom ParisTech),  Risa Yashiro(UEC),  Tarik Graba(Telecom ParisTech),  Yves Mathieu(Telecom ParisTech),  Abdelmalek Si-Merabet(Telecom ParisTech),  Kazuo Sakiyama(UEC),  Noriyuki Miura(Kobe University),  Makoto Nagata(Kobe University),  Sylvain Guilley(Secure-IC),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-3
[Invited Talk] Five-Card AND Protocol in Committed Format Using Only Practical Shuffles (from APKC 2018)

Yuta Abe(Tohoku Univ.),  Yu-ichi Hayashi(NAIST),  Takaaki Mizuki(Tohoku Univ.),  Hideaki Sone(Tohoku Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-11
A secure method of provisioning IoT devices with few operations

Dai Yamamoto(FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.),  Hirotaka Kokubo(FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.),  Takanori Machida(FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.),  Ikuya Morikawa(FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.),  Akira Kanaoka(Toho Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-8
How to Decode Erros in Information Theoretic PIR

Kaoru Kurosawa(Ibaraki Univ.),  Keito Shibata(Ibaraki Univ.),  Kazuki Ishinari(Ibaraki Univ.),  Ippei Kakurai(Ibaraki Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-5
Examination of quantitative evaluation of attack method to restore the anonymized data

Takaya Yamazoe(Tsukuba Univ.),  Kazumasa Omote(Tsukuba Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2019-4