Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:2016/12/21)

[Invited Talk] Cryptanalysis of GGH15 Multilinear Maps (from CRYPTO 2016)

Mehdi Tibouchi(NTT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-74,COMP2016-35
[Invited Talk] Fast and Scalable Bilinear-Type Conversion Using Integer Programming

Fumitaka Hoshino(NTT),  Masayuki Abe(NTT),  Miyako Ohkubo(NICT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-73,COMP2016-34
Improvements of Blacklistable Anonymous Credential System Using Accumulator

Yuu Aikou(Hiroshima Univ),  Toru Nakanishi(Hiroshima Univ),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-70,COMP2016-31
[Invited Talk] Backdoors in Pseudorandom Number Generators: Possibility and Impossibility Results

Jean Paul Degabriele(RHUL),  Kenneth Paterson(RHUL),  Jacob Schuldt(AIST),  Joanne Woodage(RHUL),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-75,COMP2016-36
[Invited Talk] New frontier of machine learning and computation initiated by quantum annealing

Masayuki Ohzeki(Tohoku Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-72,COMP2016-33
Theoretical Model of Interconnection Networks Consisting of Hosts and Switches

Ryota Yasudo(Keio Univ.),  Michihiro Koibuchi(NII),  Hideharu Amano(Keio Univ.),  Koji Nakano(Hiroshima Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-79,COMP2016-40

Miki Miyauchi(NTT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-76,COMP2016-37
A note on security notions of anonymity in Identity-based encryption

Honomu Ootomo(Kanagawa Univ.),  Taroh Sasaki(Kanagawa Univ.),  Atsushi Fujioka(Kanagawa Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-71,COMP2016-32
Enumeration of Boolean Functions of Sensitivity Three and Inheritance of Nondegeneracy

Kazuyuki Amano(Gunma Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-77,COMP2016-38
A Loosely-Stabilizing Population Protocol for Maximal Independent Set

Seiken Kiyosu(Osaka Univ.),  Yuichi Sudo(Osaka Univ.),  Hirotsugu Kakugawa(Osaka Univ.),  Toshimitsu Masuzawa(Osaka Univ.),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-78,COMP2016-39
Reconsideration on Re-keying scheme from CARDIS 2015 (part 2)

Yuichi Komano(Toshiba),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-81,COMP2016-42
[Invited Talk] The SKINNY Family of Block Ciphers and its Low-Latency Variant MANTIS

Yu Sasaki(NTT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-85,COMP2016-46
[Invited Talk] Extended Tower Number Field Sieve: A New Complexity for the Medium Prime Case (from CRYPTO 2015)

Taechan Kim(NTT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-84,COMP2016-45
[Invited Talk] Adversary-dependent Lossy Trapdoor Function from Hardness of Factoring Semi-smooth RSA Subgroup

Takashi Yamakawa(UT),  Shota Yamada(AIST),  Goichiro Hanaoka(AIST),  Noboru Kunihiro(UT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-83,COMP2016-44
[Invited Talk] Theory and Practice of Succinct Data Structures

Kunihiko Sadakane(Univ. of Tokyo),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-82,COMP2016-43
[Invited Talk] How small can the diameter of an undirected graph be?

Ikki Fujiwara(NICT),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-86,COMP2016-47
Effect on Mix Columns to the Security of Minalpher

Yuki Kishi(Kanagawa Univ),  Taroh Sasaki(Kanagawa Univ),  Atsushi Fujioka(Kanagawa Univ),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-80,COMP2016-41
Improvement of Finger Outlines Extraction in Hand Images Including Unusual Patterns with a Color Glove

Kotaro Moriuchi(NIT, Matsue College),  Noriaki Fujishima(NIT, Matsue College),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-88,COMP2016-49
Reduction of Search Number for Equivalence Structure Extraction Under Equivalence Structure Conservation Assumption

Seiya Satoh(AIST),  Yoshinobu Takahashi(University of Electro-Communications),  Hiroshi Yamakawa(Dwango AI Lab),  

[Paper #]ISEC2016-87,COMP2016-48