Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:2015/02/23)



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[Paper #]
Accelerating QUAD Stream Cipher using Optimal Extension Field on GPU

Satoshi TANAKA,  Chen-Mou CHENG,  Takanori YASUDA,  Kouichi SAKURAI,  

[Paper #]IT2014-62,ISEC2014-75,WBS2014-54
A Consideration of NTRU Whose Modular Polynomial Is All One Polynomial

Koki MISUMI,  Yasuyuki NOGAMI,  

[Paper #]IT2014-63,ISEC2014-76,WBS2014-55
Efficient Calculation of Pairing with Supersingular Curve on 2-dimentional Extension Field

Akito KUMANO,  Yasuyuki NOGAMI,  Masaaki SHIRASE,  

[Paper #]IT2014-64,ISEC2014-77,WBS2014-56
On the construction of the nonlinear function-based stream cipher

Toru Sorimachi,  Yusuke Naito,  

[Paper #]IT2014-65,ISEC2014-78,WBS2014-57
A Construction of Attribute-based Aggregate Signatures


[Paper #]IT2014-66,ISEC2014-79,WBS2014-58
On the Limit of Security Proof for Homomorphic Encryption

Daiki TAKAHASHI,  Shingo HASEGAWA,  Shuji ISOBE,  Eisuke KOIZUMI,  Hiroki SHIZUYA,  

[Paper #]IT2014-67,ISEC2014-80,WBS2014-59
An Extension of the Polynomial Ring-based Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme to a Multikey Scheme

Tomoki HAYAFUJI,  Masahiro MAMBO,  

[Paper #]IT2014-68,ISEC2014-81,WBS2014-60
decoding error probability for q-ary linear block code with soft dicision demodulation

Takuya KAWASHIMA,  Kazuhiko YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]IT2014-69,ISEC2014-82,WBS2014-61
An Error Probability Analysis for QAM Classification by Two Amplitude Moments

Tomoaki ONO,  Ikuo OKA,  Shingo ATA,  

[Paper #]IT2014-70,ISEC2014-83,WBS2014-62
SNR Estimation for QAM by Likelihood Methods

Shinji NISHIJIMA,  Ikuo OKA,  Shingo ATA,  

[Paper #]IT2014-71,ISEC2014-84,WBS2014-63
Channel Sounders for Acoustic Communications Employing Acoustic Electronic Equipments : Basic Structure of Channel Sounders for Acoustic Communications

Takahide Ichikawa,  Takashi Shimizu,  Dai Aizawa,  Hiroshi Kubo,  

[Paper #]IT2014-72,ISEC2014-85,WBS2014-64
Network Coded Phase Modulation and its Blind Startup Demodulation Using Per-Survivor Processing

Ryo MICHIO,  Hiroshi KUBO,  

[Paper #]IT2014-73,ISEC2014-86,WBS2014-65
Block Differential Detection Employing Higher Order Channel Prediction for Multi-Carrier Differential Space-Time Block Coding

Kouki NAKAMURA,  Ritsuko MIYAZAKI,  Hiroshi KUBO,  

[Paper #]IT2014-74,ISEC2014-87,WBS2014-66
Method of selecting anonymous communication circuit using a dynamic trust graph

Yuma SHINOHARA,  Naoshi KANEKO,  Tomohiko SAITO,  Kazuhiko SUMI,  

[Paper #]IT2014-75,ISEC2014-88,WBS2014-67
Analysis on isomorphism classes of elliptic curves subjected to GHS attack over prime degree extensions of finite fields with odd characteristic

Takayuki HOSOGAYA,  Tsutomu IIJIMA,  Mahoro SHIMURA,  Jinhui CHAO,  

[Paper #]IT2014-76,ISEC2014-89,WBS2014-68
A Relation between Autocorrelations of Sequences Generated by the Logistic Map over Prime Fields and Loops whose Periods are Almost Same as Precisions

Takeru MIYAZAKI,  Shunsuke ARAKI,  Satoshi UEHARA,  Yasuyuki NOGAMI,  

[Paper #]IT2014-77,ISEC2014-90,WBS2014-69
A Study of Two-dimensional Antidictionary Coding Using Automata

Takahiro OTA,  Hiroyoshi MORITA,  

[Paper #]IT2014-78,ISEC2014-91,WBS2014-70
(k,n)-Threshold Secret Sharing Schemes to Detect Substitution Attacks

Wataru NAKAMURA,  Hirosuke YAMAMOTO,  

[Paper #]IT2014-79,ISEC2014-92,WBS2014-71
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