Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:2009/06/25)



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Simplified Proof for Small Secret Key Attack on RSA and its Extension


[Paper #]ISEC2009-15,SITE2009-7,ICSS2009-29
Security Gap between Double-Sequence Knapsack PKC and Single-Sequence Knapsack PKC against Low-Density Attack (Part 2)

Takeshi NASAKO,  Yasuyuki MURAKAMI,  Masao KASAHARA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-16,SITE2009-8,ICSS2009-30
Relationship between Weight of Plaintext and Successful Attacks in Knapsack Cryptosystems

Tatsuo DOUZONO,  Takeshi NASAKO,  Yasuyuki MURAKAMI,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-17,SITE2009-9,ICSS2009-31
Proposal on Password Authentication Against Iterative Shoulder Surfing

Ryota KITABAYASHI,  Hiroyuki INABA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-18,SITE2009-10,ICSS2009-32
Problems between Disclosure of Technical Information and Restriction of Intellectual Property Protection

Haruo KODAMA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-19,SITE2009-11,ICSS2009-33
An analysis of Copyright Laws Through Informatics

Naonori KATO,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-20,SITE2009-12,ICSS2009-34
Current situation and issues of health information exchange : the national database of health insurance claim and health check

Daisuke Yamakata,  Hiroki Nogawa,  Hiroshi Tanaka,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-21,SITE2009-13,ICSS2009-35
About the Security Model built in the Search Engine

Akihito TODA,  Tetsuya MORIZUMI,  Kazuhiro SUZUKI,  Hirotsugu KINOSHITA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-22,SITE2009-14,ICSS2009-36
Logical Structure of the Cloud Which Projects Various Values onto Oneself : From the Aspect of the Agent of Self-Referred Social Systems

Tetsuya MORIZUMI,  Kazuhiro SUZUKI,  Hirotsugu KINOSHITA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-23,SITE2009-15,ICSS2009-37
A Model for JSL Emergency Message System for the Deaf

Kazuo KAMATA,  Shunichi YONEMURA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-24,SITE2009-16,ICSS2009-38
Accelerating Cross Twisted Ate Pairing with Ordinary Pairing Friendly Curve of Composite Order That Has Two Large Prime Factors

Yumi SAKEMI,  Kazushi NISHII,  Tetsuya IZUTA,  Tatsuya YUASA,  Yasuyuki NOGAMI,  Yoshitaka MORIKAWA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-25,SITE2009-17,ICSS2009-39
How to Construct Cryptosystems and Hash Functions in Weakened Random Oracle Models

Yusuke NAITO,  Lei WANG,  Kazuo OHTA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-26,SITE2009-18,ICSS2009-40
Proposal of Integrated MPKC: PPS : STS Enhanced by Perturbed Piece In Hand Method

Shigeo TSUJII,  Kohtaro TADAKI,  Masahito GOTAISHI,  Ryo FUJITA,  Masao KASAHARA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-27,SITE2009-19,ICSS2009-41
On the strength evaluation of Lesamnta against differential cryptanalysis

Yasutaka IGARASHI,  Toshinobu KANEKO,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-28,SITE2009-20,ICSS2009-42
A Study on Stream-Cipher-Based Hash Functions

Yuto NAKANO,  Jun KURIHARA,  Shinsaku KIYOMOTO,  Toshiaki TANAKA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-29,SITE2009-21,ICSS2009-43
Improving Efficiency of an 'On the Fly' Identification Scheme by Perfecting Zero Knowledgeness

Bagus SANTOSO,  Kazuo OHTA,  Kazuo SAKIYAMA,  Goichiro HANAOKA,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-30,SITE2009-22,ICSS2009-44
Distributed Key Management Scheme without Any Trusted Third Party in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Masakuni ISHII,  Takeshi YATAGAI,  Iwao SASASE,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-31,SITE2009-23,ICSS2009-45
Investigation about Malware Distribution to Websites

Takeshi YAGI,  Naoto TANIMOTO,  Masaki HAMADA,  Mitsutaka ITOH,  

[Paper #]ISEC2009-32,SITE2009-24,ICSS2009-46
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