Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:2005/03/11)



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[Paper #]
Are attacks on Y-00 (Optical Communication Quantum Cryptography) the true attacks? Part I

Osamu HIROTA,  

[Paper #]IT2004-70,ISEC2004-126,WBS2004-185
Consideration for Quantum Secret Sharing

Ken SASAKI,  Atsushi WASEDA,  Masakazu SOSHI,  Atsuko MIYAJI,  

[Paper #]IT2004-71,ISEC2004-127,WBS2004-186
Unconditionally Secure Group Signature Schemes

Takenobu SEITO,  Kazuyuki KINOSE,  Junji SHIKATA,  Tsutomu MATSUMOTO,  

[Paper #]IT2004-72,ISEC2004-128,WBS2004-187
Secure multiple coding to attain the channel capacity in wiretap channels

Daisuke KOBAYASHI,  Hirosuke YAMAMOTO,  Tomohiro OGAWA,  

[Paper #]IT2004-73,ISEC2004-129,WBS2004-188
On Coding Theorems for a General Wiretap Channel

Hiroki KOGA,  Naoki SATO,  

[Paper #]IT2004-74,ISEC2004-130,WBS2004-189
A Signal Design for Mobile Communication System using Variable Spreading Ratio

Chenggao HAN,  Naoki SUEHIRO,  

[Paper #]IT2004-75,ISEC2004-131,WBS2004-190
Code Acquisition in Asynchronous DS/CDMA Systems

Tahir Abbas Khan,  Nobuoki Eshima,  Yutaka Jitsumatsu,  Tohru Kohda,  

[Paper #]IT2004-76,ISEC2004-132,WBS2004-191
Acquisition of Markovian SS Codes in Chip-Asynchronous DS/CDMA Systems

Yutaka JITSUMATSU,  Tohru KOHDA,  

[Paper #]IT2004-77,ISEC2004-133,WBS2004-192
Simulation of Interference Effects from 4 types of UWB Sources on a Narrowband Digital Transmission System

Idnin Pasya,  Atsushi TOMIKI,  Takehiko KOBAYASHI,  

[Paper #]IT2004-78,ISEC2004-134,WBS2004-193
A Study on Fading Compensation Scheme using Metrics Comparison for Burst Mode COFDM Transmission using Double-Ended Pilot Symbols

Haruhito YOSHIDA,  Fumiaki MAEHARA,  Fumio TAKAHATA,  

[Paper #]IT2004-79,ISEC2004-135,WBS2004-194
A Survey of RFID Privacy Protection Technologies


[Paper #]IT2004-80,ISEC2004-136,WBS2004-195
High Power/High Rate Communications to Low Power/Low Rate Communications : Where is difficulty?

Shinsuke Hara,  

[Paper #]IT2004-81,ISEC2004-137,WBS2004-196
A Note on Signature Schemes Associated with Universal Re-signcryption

Kohei TATARA,  Kouichi SAKURAI,  

[Paper #]IT2004-82,ISEC2004-138,WBS2004-197
A Note on the Definition of Secrecy of Identity

Kenji IMAMOTO,  Kouichi SAKURAI,  

[Paper #]IT2004-83,ISEC2004-139,WBS2004-198
Secure Name Resolution System Using Plural DNS Cache Servers

Masayoshi HORI,  Manabu NAKANO,  Tsutomu MATSUMOTO,  

[Paper #]IT2004-84,ISEC2004-140,WBS2004-199
Liveness Detection and Failure to Enroll in Biometrics : A Prompt Report on Authentication Based on Vein Pattern

Tsutomu MATSUMOTO,  Takuji HACHIRO,  Takehiro TANABE,  Tomoki MORISHITA,  Kenji SATO,  

[Paper #]IT2004-85,ISEC2004-141,WBS2004-200
The coding theorem for the Shannon cipher system with a guessing wiretapper and correlated sources

Yutaka HAYASHI,  Hirosuke YAMAMOTO,  

[Paper #]IT2004-86,ISEC2004-142,WBS2004-201
Variable Data-length Encryption Using Arithmetic Operations

Takeshi TOUNAI,  Hisashi SUZUKI,  

[Paper #]IT2004-87,ISEC2004-143,WBS2004-202
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