Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:1997/03/18)



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[Paper #]
Performance analysis of PPM Multibits/Sequence-Period : Optical Synchronous CDMA System

Takashi NISHIOKA,  Hiroyuki YASHIMA,  Jouji SUZUKI,  

[Paper #]IT96-61,ISEC96-53,SST96-68
Performance of multiplexing of Digital Pulse Position Modulation system with SS signaling

Mariko Masubuchi,  Hiromasa Habuchi,  

[Paper #]IT96-62,ISEC96-54,SST96-69
A Railway Communication System Using a Multi-carrier Technique

Kenji OBATA,  Takaaki HASEGAWA,  Shoji IRIE,  

[Paper #]IT96-63,ISEC96-55,SST96-70
Si CMOS Digital Matched Filter(DMF) : Design and Fabricate of 0.8μm DMF and performance evaluation of 0.2μm DMF

Y. Fujita,  K. Masu,  K. Tsubouchi,  

[Paper #]IT96-64,ISEC96-56,SST96-71
Performance Evaluation of FH/SS Wireless Systems

Masakazu KATO,  Kouichi SANO,  Sadatoshi OISHI,  Nobuo MUROFUSHI,  Masaaki MAKINO,  Hiroki MOCHIZUKI,  Naohiro MATSUSHITA,  Ryuji KOHNO,  

[Paper #]IT96-65,ISEC96-57,SST96-72
Performance of Decision-Directed Coherent Adaptive Diversity Array with SIR-Based Closed Loop TPC in DS-CDMA Reverse Link

Shinya Tanaka,  Mamoru Sawahashi,  

[Paper #]IT96-66,ISEC96-58,SST96-73
Distributed Power Control for Multimedia CDMA

Toru KAJIYA,  Hiroyuki MORIKAWA,  

[Paper #]IT96-67,ISEC96-59,SST96-74
SSMA capabilities of the Multicarrier M-ary/SS system and the Multicarrier DS/SS system over frequency selective fading channel

Tsuyoshi Arai,  Hiromasa Habuchi,  

[Paper #]IT96-68,ISEC96-60,SST96-75
An Application of VSR-PLL to Broadband Spread-Spectrum Direct-Wave Reception Systems

Masanori HAMAMURA,  Shin'ichi TACHIKAWA,  

[Paper #]IT96-69,ISEC96-61,SST96-76
A Study on Adaptive Array Antenna Using Directional Element Antennas

Takefumi YAMADA,  Isamu YOSHII,  Ryuji KOHNO,  

[Paper #]IT96-70,ISEC96-62,SST96-77
Self-Noise of the Circuit for Tracking in Spread Spectrum Communication

Reiko ARII,  Teruo MIYASHITA,  Chikara SATO,  

[Paper #]IT96-71,ISEC96-63,SST96-78
A New Synchronization Acquisition Scheme on M-ary/SS System with Orthogonal Spreading Sequences

Nozomu NISHINAGA,  Yoshihiro IWADARE,  

[Paper #]IT96-72,ISEC96-64,SST96-79
Performance Improvement on the Synchronization System with Racing Counters by Increasing the Number of Reference Frames

Kouji OHUCHI,  Hiromasa HABUCHI,  

[Paper #]IT96-73,ISEC96-65,SST96-80
A Frame Synchronization Method of the SS-CSC System using the Differential Detector and Racing Counters

Toshio Takebayashi,  Hiromasa Habuchi,  Takaaki Hasegawa,  

[Paper #]IT96-74,ISEC96-66,SST96-81
Lattice-type Generalized Permutation Alphabet and Code Construction

The Cuong DINH,  Takeshi HASHIMOTO,  Shuichi ITOH,  

[Paper #]IT96-75,ISEC96-67,SST96-82
A Survivor-Correction Viterbi Algorithm and its Applications to an Iterative Sequence Estimation

Hiroshi Kubo,  Atsushi Iwase,  Keishi Murakami,  Tadashi Fujino,  

[Paper #]IT96-76,ISEC96-68,SST96-83
An Algorithm for Computing the Capacity Region of Multiple Access Channels

Mitsuru Hamada,  Jun-ichi Usui,  Sun-Han Te,  

[Paper #]IT96-77,ISEC96-69,SST96-84
Recursive Maximum Likelihood Decoding Algorithm for Convolutional Codes and Its Complexity

Hiroshi Yamamoto,  Takayuki Uchida,  Toru Fujiwara,  

[Paper #]IT96-78,ISEC96-70,SST96-85
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