Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information and Communication Technologies for Safe and Secure Life(Date:2023/01/26)

On Dirac extension bra-ket notations of CNOT gates

Sae Yamanashi(SIT),  Ozawa Kazuya(SIT),  Okazaki Hideaki(SIT),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-61,ICTSSL2022-25
Edge Label Placement Problems with Greedy Method

Shun Iwafuchi(Niigata Univ),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-62,ICTSSL2022-26
A Packet Classification Method Fusing HyperCuts and Run-Based Tries

Taiga Kobayashi(Maebashi Institute of Tech.),  Kenji Mikawa(Maebashi Institute of Tech.),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-74,ICTSSL2022-38
On Recall of Associative Memory about Color Images in a Hopfield Neural Network

Chihiro Yanagi(SIT),  Syunske Hara(SIT),  Motohiro Fujii(SIT),  Kazuya Ozawa(SIT),  Hideaki Okazaki(SIT),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-63,ICTSSL2022-27
On a social game recommendation system using collaborative filtering with Julia

Yoshiaki Shinjo(SIT),  Ami Ukai(SIT),  Hitoshi Miyamoto(SIT),  Shun Nanai(SIT),  Shunsuke Ohata(SIT),  Takuto Ono(SIT),  Tomoki Akiyama(SIT),  Kotarou Naitou(SIT),  Kazuya Ozawa(SIT),  Hideaki Okazaki(SIT),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-64,ICTSSL2022-28
An application of drone formation flights

Shiina Daisuke(SIT),  Eito Ouchi(SIT),  Juna Kawamura(SIT),  Kaito Isogai(SIT),  Kazuya Ozawa(SIT),  Takuya Negishi(SIT),  Hideaki Okazaki(SIT),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-65,ICTSSL2022-29
On Image Recognition Neural Networks \and Polynomial Approximation of Images

Jiahang Chang(SIT),  Kazuya Ozawa(SIT),  Hideaki Okazaki(SIT),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-66,ICTSSL2022-30
[Invited Talk] Interdisciplinary research between engineering and nursing conducted by a nursing researcher

Ayumi Amemiya(Chiba Univ. Nursing),  Aya Matsumura(Chiba Univ. Nursing),  Yae Kimura(Chiba Univ. Nursing),  Takashiro Minowa(I・MEDEX),  Makoto Ichida(I・MEDEX),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-75,ICTSSL2022-39
Channel assignment assuming call termination in wireless network and Grundy coloring of graphs

Hiroshi Tamura(Chuo Univ.),  Keisuke Nakano(Niigata Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-68,ICTSSL2022-32
Effectiveness of Nudges to Avoid Congestion in Seat Selection Screen of Movie Theater Ticket Reservation System

Wataru Unuma(Saitama Univ.),  Tetsuya Manabe(Saitama Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-69,ICTSSL2022-33
Consideration on a Method for Automatic Restart of Information Floating (3rd Report)

Kazuyuki Miyakita(Niigata Univ. of Int'l & Info. Studies),  Hiroshi Tamura(Chuo Univ.),  Keisuke Nakano(Niigata Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-67,ICTSSL2022-31
Design performance evaluation of CSD coefficient FIR filters for upper bounds on available non-zero digits

Marika Morikawa(Tokyo Denki Univ.),  Kenji Suyama(Tokyo Denki Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-70,ICTSSL2022-34
Effects of Suppression Section Expansion in Actual Room Environment Sound Source Separation

Tsukasa Hidaka(Tokyo Denki Univ.),  Kenji Suyama(Tokyo Denki Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-71,ICTSSL2022-35
Sound Source Separation Avoiding Sound Quality Degradation by Spatial Propagation

Kai Furusawa(Tokyo Denki Univ.),  Kenji Suyama(Tokyo Denki Univ.),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-72,ICTSSL2022-36
Intelligent Traffic Signal Control of a Fukui-Ishibashi Cellular Automaton Traffic Flow Model in order for Reduction of Traffic Jams

Takuya Akiyama(Tokyo Univ. of Science),  Tatsuya Kai(Tokyo Univ. of Science),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-73,ICTSSL2022-37
Transcritical and Saddle node bifurcations of a Tunnel diode circuit

Tomoki Okuyama(SIT),  Hideaki Okazaki(SIT),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-91,ICTSSL2022-55
A Study on Measurement Method of Terminal Position Estimation by RSSI Direction Estimation Algorithm

Yugo Uranno(Doshisha Univ),  Takahiro koita(Doshisha Univ),  Katayama daisuke(Doshisha Univ),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-88,ICTSSL2022-52
A study on the introduction of managerial workers in crime detection using crowdsourcing

Tomoya Nohara(Doshisha Univ.),  Ryuya Itano(Graduate School of Doshisha University),  Takahiro Koita(Graduate School of Doshisha University),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-89,ICTSSL2022-53
On approximating chaotic behavior of a Colpitts circuit using residual nets and LSTM

Kazuya Ozawa(Shonan Inst. Tech),  Hideaki Okazaki(Shonan Inst. Tech),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-76,ICTSSL2022-40
Tendencies of search behavior in visual search

Honami Hashimoto(Niigata Univ),  Yuxuan Wang(Niigata Univ),  Taishin Nomura(Osaka Univ),  Akira Tsukada(NITTC),  Yoshinobu Maeda(Niigata Univ),  

[Paper #]CAS2022-77,ICTSSL2022-41
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