Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information and Communication Technologies for Safe and Secure Life(Date:2021/05/28)

Development of an Analysis Tool for Pre-evacuation in the Event of Special Early Warning Information for Nankai Megathrust Earthquake

Takashi Sugiyama(Kyoto Univ.),  Katsuya Yamori(Kyoto Univ.),  Kenshin Urabe(GK Kyoto),  Takahiro Nishino(R2),  Hiromitsu Nakamura(NIED),  Yuji Dohi(NIED),  

[Paper #]ICTSSL2021-6
[Invited Talk] 10-year history of the Great East Japan Earthquake Digital Archive

Akihiro Shibayama(Tohoku Univ.),  Julia Gerster(Tohoku Univ.),  

[Paper #]ICTSSL2021-7
Information Distribution by Epidemic Communication in Normal and Disaster Situations

Sota Yanagisawa(Chuo Univ.),  Hiroshi Tamura(Chuo Univ.),  Keisuke Nakano(Niigata Univ.),  

[Paper #]ICTSSL2021-5
Performance evaluation of MANET protocol AODV-SOS for Disaster Relief Communication Considering Terminal Battery Life

Ryu Yamada(Shibaura Inst. of Tech.),  Koichi Gyoda(Shibaura Inst. of Tech.),  

[Paper #]ICTSSL2021-3
Analysis of COVID-19 Related Tweets by Prefectural Governors in Japan and Their Reactions

Keisuke Utsu(Tokai Univ.),  Atsushi Okazaki(Tokai Univ.),  Osamu Uchida(Tokai Univ.),  

[Paper #]ICTSSL2021-1
Glocal Disaster Monitoring System by Using Satellite Images and Social Media Data

Osamu Uchida(Tokai Univ.),  Ryoji Yamaguchi(FutureBase),  Kohei Cho(Tokai Univ.),  

[Paper #]ICTSSL2021-2
Maintenance and improvement of highway maintenance technology

Kohei Ii(NEXCO-Engineering Niigata),  Takumi Kondo(NEXCO-Engineering Niigata),  Kazuya Komiyama(NEXCO-Engineering Niigata),  Hiroki Inomata(NEXCO-Engineering Niigata),  Tomonori Usui(NEXCO-Engineering Niigata),  

[Paper #]ICTSSL2021-4