Electronics-Integrated Circuits and Devices(Date:1999/07/23)



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Dependence of Reverse Narrow Width Effect and Sub-threshold Hump Characteristics on the Gate length

Jong-Wan Jung,  Jeong-Hwan Son,  Won-Ju Cho,  Young-Jong Lee,  Kyung-Ho Lee,  

[Paper #]ICD99-95
Development of New Etching Algorithm for Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuit and Application of ICP (Inductive Coupled Plasma) Etcher

Young-Chig Lee,  Su-Hyun Park,  Myung-Sik Son,  Joong-Won Kang,  Oh-Keun Kwon,  Ki-Ryang Byun,  Ho-Jung Hwang,  

[Paper #]ICD99-96
A 1-Mbit CAM^2 : Content Addressable Memory LSI for Cellular Automata Machine

Takeshi Ikemaga,  Takeshi Ogura,  

[Paper #]ICD99-97
Moisture Induced Hump Characteristics of Shallow Trench-Isolated Sub-1/4μm nMOSFET

Sung-Kye Park,  Young-Chul Lee,  Moon-Sik Suh,  Sang-Ho Lee,  Hyung J. Lee,  Gyu-Han Yoon,  

[Paper #]ICD99-98
Fast EM Evaluation by Highly Accelerated Current Density

Dong-Chul Kwon,  Young-Jin Wee,  Yun-Ho Park,  Hyeon-Deok Lee,  Ho-Kyu Kang,  Sang-In Lee,  

[Paper #]ICD99-99
Simple Formulas for Interconnect Delay and Crosstalk Considering the Transition Time of Ramp Signals

Jae-Kyung Wee,  Chang-Hyuk Lee,  Seong-Hoon Lee,  Joo-Sun Choi,  

[Paper #]ICD99-100
Coercive Voltage Shift of a Ferroelectric Capacitor during Interconnect Metal Etch

Shin Seung Park,  Jun Hub Sun,  Kwang Ok Kim,  Chan Ro Park,  Chang Ju Choi,  Yeo Song Seol,  II Hyun Choi,  

[Paper #]ICD99-101
Column Reference 1T1C Ferroelectric Memory

H. B. Kang,  J. G. Kim,  K. S. Lee,  E. S. Choi,  J. H. Yun,  J. S. Lee,  K. Y. Oh,  J. H. Ahn,  D. M. Kim,  

[Paper #]ICD99-102
Electrical Properties of Pt/SrBi_2Ta_2O_9/Pt/SiO_2/Si MFMIS Structures and FETs with Various Area Ratios of MFM capacitor to Pt Floating Gate

Eisuke Tokumitsu,  Atsuhiro Amano,  Gen Fujii,  Hiroshi Ishiwara,  

[Paper #]ICD99-103
High Density FRAM Technology


[Paper #]ICD99-104
Degradation Behavior in the Remnant Polarization of SrBi_2Ta_2O_9 Thin Films by Hydrogen Annealing and its Recovery by Post-annealing.

Oh Seong Kwon,  Cheol Seong Hwang,  Suk-Kyoung Hong,  

[Paper #]ICD99-105
Properties of PZT Thin Films Prepared at Various Targets with Metallic Mode Reactive Sputtering : Composite, Powder, and Mixture Targets

J.-D. Kim,  S. Kawagoe,  K. Sasaki,  T. Hata,  

[Paper #]ICD99-106
1Gbit DDR SDRAM for Low Voltage and High Speed Application (Invited)

Hongil Yoon,  Nam Jong Kim,  Keum Yong Kim,  Sang Jae Rhee,  Sang Man Byun,  Hyun Suk Lee,  Jae Young Lee,  Tae Young Ko,  Soo In Cho,  

[Paper #]ICD99-107
On-Chip Extraction of Interconnect Line Induced Delay Time for Quarter and Sub-Quarter Micron CMOS Technology

Hi-Deok Lee,  Myoung-Jun Jang,  Myoung-Kyu Park,  Dae-Gwan Kang,  Jeong-Mo Hwang,  

[Paper #]ICD99-108
Studies on the Formation of SiO_2 Films Using Liquid Phase Deposition Method and Their Basic Characteristics Related with the Application to Electronic Devices

S.K. Lee,  C.J. Kim,  P. Chanthamaly,  N. Haneji,  

[Paper #]ICD99-109
The study on the sidewall films formed during Si trench etching in Cl_2/HBr based plasmas

Sang-Do Lee,  So-Young Nam,  Jae-Hee Ha,  Jin-Won Park,  

[Paper #]ICD99-110
Optimization of Postannealing Process for Low Temperature MOCVD (Ba, Sr) TiO_3 Thin Films

Jaehoo Park,  Cheol Seong Hwang,  Doo Young Yang,  Cheol Hoon Yang,  Young Ki Han,  Chul Ju Hwang,  

[Paper #]ICD99-111
The Electrical Properties of Concave-type (Ba,Sr) TiO_3 Capacitors for Advanced Memories

Hong-Bae Park,  Han-Jin Lim,  Chang-Seok Kang,  Doo-Sup Hwang,  Byoung-Taek Lee,  Wan-Don Kim,  Hideki Horii,  Cha-Young Yoo,  Young-Wook Park,  Sang-In Lee,  

[Paper #]ICD99-112
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