Electronics-Electronic Simulation Technology(Date:2019/05/17)

A study on a position estimation system using the support vector machine

Naoya Mutoh(TCU),  Mizuki Itoh(TCU),  Masahiro Niwa(TCU),  Tsugumichi Shibata(TCU),  

[Paper #]EST2019-1
A study on a calculation method of inductance for wireless power transmission coils in various positional relationships

Shunsuke Hoya(TCU),  Takara Ijiro(TCU),  Tsugumichi Shibata(TCU),  

[Paper #]EST2019-2
[Invited Talk] Simulation Data Driven Construction of Real-Time Estimator of Electric Fields Induced in the Brain by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Coil

Hidekata Hontani(NITech),  Toyohiro Maki(NITech),  Tatsuya Yokota(NITech),  Illkka Laakso(Aalto University),  Akimasa Hirata(NITech),  

[Paper #]EST2019-7
[Invited Talk] Integration of simulation and data science approaches in the field of biomedical and material science.

Ichiro Takeuchi(NITech/RIKEN),  

[Paper #]
Development of Integrated Computational Techniques of Multi-Physics and Thermoregulatory Response in Humans

Akimasa Hirata(NITech),  

[Paper #]EST2019-6
Dielectric Constant Change of Silicon Substrate after H/He Ion Irradiation for Loss Reduction

Takuichi Hirano(Tokyo City Univ.),  Maya Mizuno(NICT),  Ning Li(Sophia Univ.),  Takeshi Inoue(SHI-ATEX),  Masatsugu Sogabe(SHI-ATEX),  Kenichi Okada(Tokyo Tech.),  

[Paper #]EST2019-5
Personalized head models from MRI using convolutional neural networks

Essam Rashed(NITech),  Jose Gomez-Tames(NITech),  Akimasa Hirata(NITech),  

[Paper #]EST2019-3
Underground Model Inversion from GPR Images by Deep Learning Using StackGAN

Jun Sonoda(NIT, Sendai),  Tomoyuki Kimoto(NIT, Oita),  

[Paper #]EST2019-4