Electronics-Electromagnetic Theory(Date:2017/06/02)

On a unified formulation of semi-implicit FDTD schemes based on the finite integration technique

Kazuhiro Fujita(Fujitsu),  

[Paper #]EMT2017-1
Realtime 3D image reconstruction methods based on compressive sensing with CUDA support

Iakov Chernyak(Tohoku Univ.),  Motoyuki Sato(Tohoku Univ.),  

[Paper #]EMT2017-3
Analysis of Responses for Metallic Nano-Cylinder Chains

Shinichiro Ohnuki(Nihon Univ.),  Motohiro Endo(Nihon Univ.),  Ryo Takahashi(Nihon Univ.),  Di Wu(Nihon Univ.),  Takashi Yamaguchi(TIRI),  

[Paper #]EMT2017-2
On the EM transmission property of a rectangular hole in a thick conducting screen

Hirohide Serizawa(NIT, Numazu College),  

[Paper #]EMT2017-5
Direct coupling reduction by electromagnetic bandgap structures in tapered slot antenna array

Takumi Hirano(Univ. Tokyo),  Kazutaka Kikuta(Univ. Tokyo),  Akira Hirose(Univ. Tokyo),  

[Paper #]EMT2017-4