Electronics-Electromagnetic Theory(Date:2015/06/12)

Correction of the Maxwell's equations based on the movement of the electric charge

Jun-ichi Sugiyama(AIST),  

[Paper #]EMT2015-1
A New Relativistic Electromagnetism

Hideomi Takahashi(Kidokoro Labo.),  

[Paper #]EMT2015-2
Extension of Maxwell's Equations for Charge Creation and Annihilation

Hideki Mutoh(Link Research),  

[Paper #]EMT2015-3
Plane wave diffraction by a rectangular hole in a thick conducting screen

Hirohide Serizawa(Numazu Col. Tech.),  Hotsuyuki Kawanishi(Numazu Col. Tech.),  Yuya Kurebayashi(Numazu Col. Tech.),  

[Paper #]EMT2015-4
Polarization Combination Using Complex-Valued Neural Networks in Channel Prediction

Tetsuya Murata(Univ. Tokyo),  Tianben Ding(Univ. Tokyo),  Akira Hirose(Univ. Tokyo),  

[Paper #]EMT2015-6
Design Study of FDTD/FIT Dataflow Machine for Wider Applications

Hideki Kawaguchi(Muroran IT),  

[Paper #]EMT2015-5
An Electron Model as Spherical Standing Waves

Yoshihiro Togami(Tezukayama Gakuin Univ.),  

[Paper #]EMT2015-7