Electronics-Electromechanical Devices(Date:2019/03/01)

Sliding Characteristics of Fe Slip Ring in the Change of Silver Content of Silver-Graphite Brushes

Ryuta Higa(NIT),  Yusuke Takada(NIT),  Naoki Fukuda(NIT),  Koichiro Sawa(NIT),  Takahiro Ueno(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-75
A Study on Deterioration Phenomenon of Au-plated Slip Ring for Small Electric Power Transfer

Yoshitaka Yamaki(NIT),  Naoki Takahashi(NIT),  Kouitirou Sawa(NIT),  Takahiro Ueno(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-71
Sliding characteristics of the intervention of molybdenum disulfide between copper contacts in high speed region and low speed region

Tatsuro Iizuka(NIT),  Taisuke Nakano(NIT),  Yoshitada Watanabe(NIT),  Takahiro Ueno(NIT),  Kohichiro Sawa(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-72
Study on suppression of electromagnetic noise generated from LED bulb by snubber circuit

Ryouta Takeuchi(NIT, Nagano College),  Shuhei Hotta(NIT, Nagano College),  Takashi Kasuga(NIT, Nagano College),  Hiroshi Inoue(Akita Ukiv),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-65
Study on FDTD Analysis Method of Differential Lines Including Dielectric Loss at GHz Band

Taiki Yamagiwa(NIT, Nagano College),  Masahiro Tomioka(Akita Univ.),  Ren Kitahara(NIT, Nagano College),  Atsushi Nakamura(UTI),  Yoshiki Kayano(UEC),  Takashi Kasuga(NIT, Nagano College),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-66
A study in influences of external magnetic field on break arc characteristics of AgSnO2 contacts in a DC inductive load circuit up to 20V-17A up to 20V-17A

Seika Tokumitsu(Chitose Inst. of Science & Technology),  Makoto Hasegawa(Chitose Inst. of Science & Technology),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-59
Arc Erosion of Brush at Sliding Contacts between Cu commutator and Carbon Brush

Youdai Suzuki(NIT),  Kaito Niiya(NIT),  Kouichiro Sawa(NIT),  Takahiro Ueno(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-73
A Study on Brush Wear and Erosion at High Speed of Commutator Motors

Hiroki Arai(NIT),  Masato Hirabayashi(NIT),  Koichiro Sawa(NIT),  Takahiro Ueno(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-74
Influence of ambient gas on various characteristics of break arc for electromagnetic contactor with AC power supply

Igarashi Takahiro(NIT),  Kumagai Fuuma(NIT),  Kiyoshi Yoshida(NIT),  Koichiro Sawa(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-68
Contact reliability of electrical contacts by continuous make/break test of electromagnetic contactor

Ikarashi Masanari(NIT),  Ogaki Asuka(NIT),  Koichiro Sawa(NIT),  Kiyoshi Yoshida(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-67
Influence of current and magnetic flux density on magnetic blow-out on arc discharge at breaking of electrical contacts

Mano Kenta(NIT),  Koichiro Sawa(NIT),  KIyoshi Yoshida(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-69
Influence on various characteristics such as arc duration during continuous make/break of electromagnetic contactor

Hiroki Takeuchi(NIT),  Koichiro Sawa(NIT),  Kiyoshi Yoshida(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-70
Study on fiber-optic strain sensor

Ryota Kuramochi(CIT),  Kentaro Matsuda(CIT),  Ryo Nagase(CIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-62
Relationship between launch condition and EAF of SI-type multimode fiber

Ryohei Hayasaki(CIT),  Ryo Nagase(CIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-63
Study on Fabry-Perot interferometer for the high vibration detection

Yuya Harada(CIT),  Kaoru Kuribayashi(CIT),  Ryo Nagase(CIT),  Satoru Wada(KURAHASHI INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. SEISMIC INSTRUMENTS GROUP),  Akio Kobayashi(TOKYO SOKUSHIN CO.,LTD.),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-60
Fundamental study of the effect of tightening torque reduction on high frequency circuit elements of contact boundaries

Takashi Narimatsu(NAIST),  Daisuke Fujimoto(NAIST),  Yu-ichi Hayashi(NAIST),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-61
Study on ultrasonic sensing using BOF

Ryo Takahashi(CIT),  Katsuki Suenaga(CIT),  Kentaro Matsuda(CIT),  Ryo Nagase(CIT),  

[Paper #]EMD2018-64