Electronics-Electromechanical Devices(Date:2008/11/08)



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Degradation phenomenon of electrical contacts by 3-D oscillating mechanism : Basal characteristic of 3-D oscillating mechanism

Shin-ichi WADA,  Keiji KOSHIDA,  Taketo SONODA,  Hiroto MINEGISHI,  Yukiharu KOBAYASHI,  Mitsuo KIKUCHI,  Hiroaki KUBOTA,  Koichiro SAWA,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-65
Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Contact System of Hermetically Sealed Electromagnetic Relay Subjected to Random Vibration

Guofu ZHAI,  Yinghua CHEN,  Wanbin REN,  Yunzhi KANG,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-66
3-D Graphic Image of Vibration Analysis of Printed Circuit Board by Using Holography

Hiromichi KUBOTA,  Masanari TANIGUCHI,  Shosuke SUZUKI,  Tasuku TAKAGI,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-67
The effect of external vibrations on the characteristics of the clapper relay

Wanbin REN,  Yunzhi KANG,  Yinghua CHEN,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-68
Research on Dynamic Characteristics Testing and Analyzing System of Electromagnetic Relay

Xuerong YE,  Huimin LIANG,  Jie DENG,  Guofu ZHAI,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-69
Improvement in parameters of older construction power contactors by modernization of their drivers

Piotr BORKOWSKI,  Grzegorz DRYGALA,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-70
Overvoltage protection in power systems of electric traction 3kV DC with energy-consuming systems

Grzegorz DRYGALA,  Piotr BORKOWSKI,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-71
A Study on Optimization of Electromagnetic Relay's Reaction Torque Characteristic Based on Adjusted Parameters

Guofu ZHAI,  Qiya WANG,  Wanbin REN,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-72
The Inverse Design Method of Electromagnetic Relay Reaction System

Guofu ZHAI,  Weiwei FAN,  Wenying Yang,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-73
AFM Analysis of Composite Materials for Sliding Contacts Containing Solid Lubricants

Yoshitada WATANABE,  Masaomi ARAI,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-74
Study on A Novel Method of Accelerated Life Test for Relay Reliability

Shujuan WANG,  Qiong YU,  Li REN,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-75
Electric Properties and Surface Conditions of Tin Plated Contact with Load

Shinya NAKAMURA,  Yasushi SAITOH,  Terutaka TAMAI,  Kazuo IIDA,  Yasuhiro HATTORI,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-76
Study of Fretting Corrosion in Early Stage

Naoyuki SATO,  Yasushi SAITOH,  Terutaka TAMAI,  Kazuo IIDA,  Tetsuya ITO,  Yasuhiro HATTORI,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-77
Contact Mechanisms and Contact Resistance Characteristics of Solid Tin and Plated Tin Contacts

Terutaka Tamai,  Shigeru Sawada,  Yasuhiro Hattori,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-78
Research on Auto-detection Technology of Remainder Particles for Aerospace Relay in Particle Impact Noise Detection

Shicheng Wang,  Guofu Zhai,  Shujuan Wang,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-79
Low Force Electrical Switching Using Gold Coated Vertically Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Surfaces

E. M. Yunus,  J. W. McBride,  S. M. Spearing,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-80
Simulation of the Interruption Process of MCCB with Double Repulsive Contacts

Liang JI,  Degui CHEN,  Yingyi LIU,  Xingwen LI,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-81
Simulation and Analysis for a Permanent Contactor with and without Current-feedback System

Degui CHEN,  Yingyi LIU,  Liang JI,  Chunping NIU,  

[Paper #]EMD2008-82
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