Electronics-Electronic Information Displays(Date:2020/01/23)

[Poster Presentation] Investigation of correlation between PL temperature characteristics and charge transfer state (CTS) in Eu3+ activated red multi-anion compound phosphors

Misa Kawashima(Tottori Univ.),  Ken Kinoshita(Tottori Univ.),  Takuya Sohma(Tottori Univ.),  Kodai Nakamoto(Tottori Univ.),  Tadashi Ishigaki(Tottori Univ.),  Takashi Kunimoto(Tokushima Bunri Univ.),  Koutoku Ohmi(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]EID2019-7
[Poster Presentation] Improvement in Power Conversion Efficiency of OPV using Controlled pn Hetero-Interface Structure

Kyohei Ogiso(TAT),  Yasufumi Iimura(TAT),  

[Paper #]EID2019-8
[Poster Presentation] Excitation and luminescent characteristics LaSiO2N:Eu red phosphors synthesized in NH3

KenKinoshita(Tottori Univ.),  Misa Kawashima(Tottori Univ.),  Takuya Sohma(Tottori Univ.),  Tadashi Ishigaki(Tottori Univ.),  Takashi Kunimoto(Tokusima Bunri Univ.),  Koutoku Ohmi(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]EID2019-9
[Poster Presentation] Dispersive type EL devices prepared using ZnS:Cu nanophosphor

Koki Saruta(Tottori Univ),  Shuma Bando(Tottori Univ),  Tadashi Ishigaki(Tottori Univ),  Koutoku Ohmi(Tottori Univ),  

[Paper #]EID2019-10
[Poster Presentation] Mn5+ activated M2AO4 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba, A = Si, Ge) near-infrared phosphors

Shoto Tanaka(Tottori Univ.),  Tadashi Ishigaki(Tottori Univ.),  Yutaro Zaima(Tottori Univ.),  Kohei Matsubara(Tottori Univ.),  Yudai Nitta(Tottori Univ.),  Koutoku Ohmi(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]EID2019-11
[Poster Presentation] Self-consistent calculation of the dipole power dissipation due to optical confinement mode in the planar stacked type light-emitting devices

Yoshinari Ishido(AIST),  Nobutaka Tanigaki(AIST),  

[Paper #]EID2019-12
[Poster Presentation] Current injection type emission devices using conductive ternary sulfide/oxide phosphor thin films

Kazuki Tsujimori(Tottori Univ.),  Syunjo Koga(Tottori Univ.),  Tadashi Ishigki(Tottori Univ.),  Koutoku Ohmi(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]EID2019-13
[Poster Presentation] Study on optical compensation for high performance flexible LCD fabrication

Keisuke Tahara(TAT),  Yasuhumi iimura(TAT),  

[Paper #]EID2019-14
[Poster Presentation] Influence of Bi codoping to excitation characteristics in tetragonal Mg2TiO4:Mn4+ deep red phosphors

Motoshi Suhama(Tottori Univ.),  Yusuke Ueno(Tottori Univ.),  Tadashi Ishigaki(Tottori Univ.),  Koutoku Ohmi(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]EID2019-15
[Poster Presentation] Physical properties of anodized aluminum oxide for low temperature processed IGZO thin-film transistors.

Kono Shuya(KUT),  Mori Marin(KUT),  Koretomo Daichi(KUT),  Furuta Mamoru(KUT),  

[Paper #]EID2019-16
[Poster Presentation] Synthesis of Ca6BaP4O17:Mn5+ near-infrared phosphors and their luminescent properties

Kohei Matsubara(Tottori Univ.),  Tadashi Ishigaki(Tottori Univ.),  Yutarou Zaima(Tottori Univ.),  Shoto Tanaka(Tottori Univ.),  Yudai Nitta(Tottori Univ.),  Koutoku Ohmi(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]EID2019-17
[Poster Presentation] Characteristics of luminescence and particle shape in M10(PO4)6(OH)2:Mn5+ (M=Ca,Sr,Ba) near-infrared nanophosphors

Yutaro Zaima(tottori Univ),  Tadashi Ishigaki(tottori Univ),  Kouhei Matsubara(tottori Univ),  Shoto Tanaka(tottori Univ),  Yudai Nitta(tottori Univ),  Koutoku Ohmi(tottori Univ),  

[Paper #]EID2019-18
[Poster Presentation] Subjective evaluation of color reproducibility due to narrower color gamut of UHD-TV display than standard

Ryo Tsuboi(Shizuoka Univ.),  Mitsuhiro Ishida(Shizuoka Univ.),  Yoshihumi Shimodaira(Shizuoka Univ.),  Toru Aoki(Shizuoka Univ.),  

[Paper #]EID2019-19