Communication-Smart Radio(Date:2012/07/19)



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Optimal Picocell Deployment in Heterogeneous Networks with Hotspots

Hidekazu SHIMODAIRA,  Gia Khanh TRAN,  Kei SAKAGUCHI,  Kiyomichi ARAKI,  Noriaki MIYAZAKI,  Shoji KANEKO,  Satoshi KONISHI,  Yoji KISHI,  

[Paper #]SR2012-17
A Proposed Application of Cognitive Radio Technique towards the Usage of White Space in Public Cellular Systems and its Evaluation Results obtained form an Indoor Test-Bed

Hiromasa FUJII,  Shunji MIURA,  Hidetoshi KAYAMA,  

[Paper #]SR2012-18
Effect of Measurement Errors of Channel Selection Based on Markov Chain Model

Mai OHTA,  Masayuki KITAMURA,  Takeo FUJII,  

[Paper #]SR2012-19
A Study on a Digital Predistortion for Multi-Band Multi-Signal Transmission of Flexible Wireless System

Takayuki Yamada,  Ikuma Ando,  Gia Khanh Tran,  Kiyomichi Araki,  Takana Kaho,  Yo Yamaguchi,  Kazunori Akabane,  Kazuhiro Uehara,  

[Paper #]SR2012-20
For Japanese industries to take a lively lead globally again : what universities, industries, government and academic institutes can do now

Shuzo Kato,  

[Paper #]SR2012-21
Community, R&D, Technical Committee

Hiroyuki MORIKAWA,  

[Paper #]SR2012-22
Toward More Interactive Activity of Academic Society

Seiichi Sampei,  

[Paper #]SR2012-23
Significance of Technical Meeting for Laboratories in University

Yukitoshi SANADA,  

[Paper #]SR2012-24
We Can Change from Our Technical Committee of SR

Kei Sakaguchi,  

[Paper #]SR2012-25
How to Activate Academic Societies and Conferences?

Kazuhiro UEHARA,  

[Paper #]SR2012-26
High-Accurate and Time-Traceable Occupancy Ratio Measurement for Cognitive Radio System

Yuta WAKAO,  Osamu TAKYU,  Takeo FUJII,  Humihito SASAMORI,  Shiro HANDA,  

[Paper #]SR2012-27
Rendezvous Channel with using the Learning Measurement Method for Occupancy Ratio under Multi-channel Environment


[Paper #]SR2012-28
A study on frequency offset countermeasure for cyclostationarity-based a number of signals detection

Takashi MIURA,  Kenta UMEBAYASHI,  Yasuo SUZUKI,  

[Paper #]SR2012-29
A Study on MIMO-Based Spectrum Sharing

Samuli TIIRO,  Kenta UMEBAYASHI,  Yasuo SUZUKI,  

[Paper #]SR2012-30
Implementation of the IEEE 802.19.1 coexistence system

Stanislav FILIN,  Tuncer BAYKAS,  Hiroshi HARADA,  

[Paper #]SR2012-31
Performance analysis of IEEE 802.19.1 based coexistence system in TV white space

Tuncer BAYKAS,  Stanislav FILIN,  Hiroshi HARADA,  

[Paper #]SR2012-32
Computer Prediction of Broadcaster Contour and Service Areas for VHF/UHF Unlicensed White-Space Radio Systems

Gabriel Porto Villardi,  Hiroshi Harada,  

[Paper #]SR2012-33
Performance of Signal Detection on Adjacent Channel using Overlapped FFT

Akihiro SATO,  Mamiko INAMORI,  Yukitoshi SANADA,  

[Paper #]SR2012-34
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