Communication-Satellite Telecommunications(Date:2008/10/30)



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Satellite communication business in Japan(Opening Session)

Yutaka NAGAI,  Mitsuru SASANUMA,  Tasuku NAGOYA,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-17
Reflector antennas with contoured beams : limiting capabilities and examples(Opening Session)

A.V. Shishlov,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-18
A Modified Efficient Method to Determine the Diagonal Loading Factor Using Direct Search of Gaussian Distribution(Opening Session)

Qian Liu,  Minglu Jin,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-19
A Link Analysis for the Ka band Satellite Broadcasting Service in Korea(Satellite System I)

Ki Chang Yoon,  Seung Chul Kim,  Won Sohn,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-20
A System Model for Frequency Sharing Study in Satellite and Terrestrial Integrated Mobile Communication Systems(Satellite System I)

Masahiro UMEHIRA,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-21
The Analysis and Implementation of DVB-S2 BC mode system(Satellite System I)

In Ki Lee,  Dae Ig Chang,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-22
An Implementation of IPMG for Multimedia Service with the Convergence of Telecommunication and Broadcasting(Satellite System I)

Jong hyuk Lee,  Kwang hyun Cho,  Hyun cheol Kim,  Yok yon Cho,  Deuk in Park,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-23
Improvement of communication data format for LEO Satellite(Satellite Network)

Na-young Lee,  Jin-ho Lee,  Byong-Suk Suk,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-24
Experimental evaluation of network performance formed by ETS-VIII satellite and wireless ad-hoc(Satellite Network)

Keiichi INAI,  Hikaru HOSHINO,  Kazuo KUMAMOTO,  Koji YASUKAWA,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-25
Scheduling North-South Mirror Motion between Two Consecutive Meteorological Images of COMS(Satellite Network)

Soojeon Lee,  Won Chan Jung,  Jaehoon Kim,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-26
Congestion Prediction Based Load Balancing in IP/LEO Satellite Networks(Satellite Network)

Daigo KUDOH,  Kenichi KASHIBUCHI,  Nei KATO,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-27
An OFDMA Signal Transmission System with SAW Chirp Filters : A mobile satellite communication with next generation cellular system(Satellite System II)

Osamu Ichiyoshi,  Takaya Watanabe,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-28

Yong Min Lee,  Seong Pal Lee,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-29
A Prototype Modem for Hyper-Multipoint Data Gathering SATCOM Systems : A Group Modem Applicable to Arbitrarily and Dynamically Assigned FDMA Signals(Satellite System II)

Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI,  Fumihiro YAMASHITA,  Jun-ichi ABE,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-30
Simultaneous minimization of worst-case measures of error of n-dimensional filter banks and transmultiplexers(Satellite System II)

Yuichi KIDA,  Takuro KIDA,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-31
Complexity Reduction of the OFDM Communication System using the SPW for the IMD Minimization(System Engineering-I)

Seon Ae Kim,  Heung-Gyoon Ryu,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-32
Field Trials on Interference Cancellation System by Adaptive-array Antenna Technique for Sharing between Satellite Communication Services and Other Radio Communication Services(System Engineering-I)

Nobuyuki KAWAI,  Hiroshi FUJII,  Isamu NOMURA,  Hidemi OKI,  Hiroki KIHARA,  Noriyuki KARIYA,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-33
New Techniques to Reduce Out-of-Band Radiations in OFDM System to Design a Successful Spectrum Sharing Systems(System Engineering-I)

Saleem Ahmed,  Razi Ur Rehman,  Abdul Sattar,  Dileep Kumar,  Humor Hwang,  

[Paper #]SAT2008-34
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