Communication-Optical Fiber Technology(Date:2017/10/12)

NRZ-to-RZ conversion and wavelength multicasting by using higher-order four wave mixing

Hiroki Matsumoto(UEC),  Naoto Kishi(UEC),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-40
Waveform conversion and WDM-to-OTDM conversion for NRZ-OOK signals

Yingyi Zhang(UEC),  Naoto Kishi(UEC),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-39
Self interleaving of optical comb spectra using parallel electro-optic modulator

Takahide Sakamoto(NICT),  Akito Chiba(Gunnma Univ.),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-38
[Invited Talk] Report about OFS-25

Chihiro Kito(NTT),  Kazuhide Nakajima(NTT),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-41
Relationship between BGS observation conditions and measurement error in ring circumferential strain measurement based on BGS

Kento Nishimura(Mie Univ.),  Hiroshi Naruse(Mie Univ.),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-42
Effects of Core Count/Layout and Twisting Condition on Spatial Mode Dispersion in Coupled Multi-Core Fibers

Tetsuya Hayashi(Sumitomo Electric),  Haoshuo Chen(Nokia),  Nicolas K. Fontaine(Nokia),  Takuji Nagashima(Sumitomo Electric),  Roland Ryf(Nokia),  Rene-Jean Essiambre(Nokia),  Toshiki Taru(Sumitomo Electric),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-44
Multi-Core Fibre with Concaved Double-D Shape Cross Section

Takuji Nagashima(Sumitomo Electric),  Shuhei Toyokawa(Sumitomo Electric),  Tetsuya Hayashi(Sumitomo Electric),  Tetsu Morishima(Sumitomo Electric),  Hirotaka Sakuma(Sumitomo Electric),  Tetsuya Nakanishi(Sumitomo Electric),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-46
Fan-out for four-core MCF with square lattice structure

Kohei Kawasaki(Furukawa electric),  Takeshi Sugimori(FITEC),  Tsunetoshi Saito(Furukawa electric),  Kengo Watanabe(Furukawa electric),  Ryuichi Sugizaki(Furukawa electric),  Masato Shiino(Furukawa electric),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-45
Variable Photonic Crystal Fiber Optical Attenuator Using Bending Loss

Hirohisa Yokota(Ibaraki Univ.),  Tomohiko Sano(Ibaraki Univ.),  Yoh Imai(Ibaraki Univ.),  

[Paper #]OFT2017-43