Communication-Electromagnetic Compatibility(Date:2020/01/24)

Evaluation on power planes for improving performance of decoupling capacitors

Fujiyuki Nakamoto(Mitsubishielectric corp.),  Yuichi Sasaki(Mitsubishielectric corp.),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-82
tudy on moisture sensor for landslide monitoring ⅳ

Shion Baba(Nagasaki Univ.),  Toshiyuki Tanaka(Nagasaki Univ.),  Takafumi Fujimoto(Nagasaki Univ.),  Takahiro Hirano(Nagasaki Univ.),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-89
Report of EMC Sapporo & APEMC 2019 and its trends of presentations

Shinobu Ishigami(TGU),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-91
A Study of Circuit Configuration for Common Mode Noise Reduction in Wearable ECG

Keisuke Koike(NIT),  Jianqing Wang(NIT),  Daisuke Anzai(NIT),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-84
A Study for Predicting Power Side-Channel Attack Countermeasure Effect by PDN Decoupling Based on Transfer Impedance

Kengo Iokibe(Okayama Univ.),  Yusuke Yano(Kyoto Univ.),  Yoshitaka Toyota(Okayama Univ.),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-85
Study on the High Power Metallic Enclosure Ventilation Holes and Suppression Method of Near Magnetic Field Leaking

Hiroshi Takahara(Univ. of Hyogo),  Shinichiro Yamamoto(Univ. of Hyogo),  Satoru Aikawa(Univ. of Hyogo),  Tohru Iwai(Kawasaki Techno-Research),  Kenichi Hatakeyama(Univ. of Hyogo),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-90
Estimation of communication characteristics of power line communication using cables placed in water or in ground

Kazumasa Oshikawa(KIT),  Yuki Fukumoto(KIT),  Tohlu Matsushima(KIT),  Toshiyuki Wakisaka(KIT),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-87
Evaluation method of common-mode conversion in communication device connected with STP cable

Fumikazu Kobayashi(Kyutech),  Tohlu Matsushima(Kyutech),  Yuki Fukumoto(Kyutech),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-83
On widening of retroreflective angular characteristics by one-dimensional Van Atta array

Yu Inuzuka(Tokyo Tech),  Atsuhiro Nishikata(Tokyo Tech),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-86
Relative complex permittivity measurement aiming for deterioration diagnosis of ceiling panel material due to contained moisture

Teppei Sudo(Tokyo Tech),  Atsuhiro Nishikata(Tokyo Tech),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-88
Analysis of Transmission Characteristics of Differential Transmission Line Loaded with Near-field Noise Suppression Device

Kimitoshi Murano(Tokai Univ.),  Yoshio Kami(The Univ. of Electro-Communications),  Youji Kotsuka(Tokai Univ.),  

[Paper #]EMCJ2019-81