Communication-Energy Engineering in Electronics and Communications(Date:2019/10/17)

EFISHG measurement system for study of triboelectric generation and probing EFISHG from polyethylene film

Dai Taguchi(Tokyo Tech),  Takaaki Manaka(Tokyo Tech),  Mitsumasa Iwamoto(Tokyo Tech),  

[Paper #]OME2019-18
[Invited Talk] Optical microcavity effect in OLEDs

Tetsuo Tsutsui(Kyushu Univ),  

[Paper #]OME2019-19
Transfer process and characterization of organic perovskite layer by 2-step method

Tatsuo Mori(AIT),  Yoshiki Kondo(AIT),  Yoshiyuki Seike(AIT),  

[Paper #]OME2019-21
[Invited Lecture] Optical Properties of Excitons Strongly and Weakly Coupled to Cavity Photons.

Noriyuki Takada(AIST),  

[Paper #]OME2019-20
[Invited Talk] Novel Aromatic Conjugated Polymer Hybrids and Their Properties

Ryuichi Sugimoto(KUT),  

[Paper #]OME2019-17
Investigation of photostability of the organic electro-optic polymers at 1.55-um band

Yukihiro Tominari(NICT),  Toshiki Yamada(NICT),  Takahiro Kaji(NICT),  Akira Otomo(NICT),  

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