Communication-Communication Quality(Date:2022/09/15)

A Proposal of an Edge Computing Testbed with Flexible Setting of Network Latency

Hiroaki Yamanaka(NICT),  Yuuichi Teranishi(NICT),  Eiji Kawai(NICT),  Hidehisa Nagano(NICT),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-28
Fuzzy Logic based Client Selection for Federated Learning in IoT

Zhaoyang Du(UEC),  Celimuge(UEC),  Tsutomu Yoshinaga(UEC),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-29
[Invited Talk] Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Curling

Masahito Yamamoto(Hokkaido Univ.),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-32
[Invited Talk] Agricultural Digital Human Resource Development Initiatives

Hikaru Kawashima(NTT Agr),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-26
A Study on Compressed Sensing Based Power Allocation and User Selection Scheme Considering Channel State in Downlink NOMA, Part2

Tomofumi Makita(Kyushu Univ.),  Osamu Muta(Kyushu Univ.),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-36
Secure outsourcing data integrity auditing for Internet of Things in cloud-edge environment

Yangfei Lin(UEC),  Celimuge Wu(UEC),  Tsutomu Yoshinaga(UEC),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-30
[Invited Talk] Regional revitalization through smart agriculture

Noboru Noguchi(Hokkaido Univ.),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-31
A Fuzzy Logic-based Approach for Interface Selection in IEEE 802.11ad/IEEE 802.11ac Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Yue Ren(UEC),  Celimuge Wu(UEC),  Tsutomu Yoshinaga(UEC),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-37
[Invited Talk] Relationship between lightning strikes and sound on promoting the occurrence of shiitake mushrooms

Hiroyuki Shimizu(NIT),  Takefumi Hiraguri(NIT),  Takuma Takanashi(FFPRI),  Koichi Takaki(Iwate Univ.),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-27
A Communication-Efficient Distributed Machine Learning Scheme in Vehicular Network

Yalong Li(UEC),  Zhaoyang Du(UEC),  Celimuge Wu(UEC),  Tsutomu Yoshinaga(UEC),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-33
DRL-assisted Network Selection for Federated Learning

Ganggui Wang(UEC),  Celimuge Wu(UEC),  Tsutomu Yoshinaga(UEC),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-34
A M2M System Architecture that Utilizes MEC and Virtualizes Devices

Rempei Sawada(Keio Univ.),  Takao Kondo(Keio Univ.),  Fumio Teraoka(Keio Univ.),  

[Paper #]IA2022-15
A Study on the Applicability of TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithms to Information-Centric Networking

Han Nay Aung(Kwansei Gakuin Univ.),  Keita Goto(Kwansei Gakuin Univ.),  Hiroyuki Ohsaki(Kwansei Gakuin Univ.),  

[Paper #]IA2022-21
Application and Verification of transmission methods using multiple Sub-GHz band wireless devices

Rui Sasaki(IPUT),  Mana Fuchino(IPUT),  Satoshi Kodama(IPUT),  

[Paper #]IA2022-22
A consideration of DoH-exclusive DNS architecture

Satoru Sunahara(CIST),  Yong Jin(Tokyo Tech),  Katsuyoshi Iida(HU),  

[Paper #]IA2022-23
Development and Evaluation of Safety Support System for Bicycle Driving by Analyzing Multi-Sensor Data

Koki Kishimoto(Ritsumeikan Univ.),  Hiroshi Yamamoto(Ritsumeikan Univ.),  

[Paper #]IA2022-24
Literature survey about Knowledge Defined Networking

Katsuyoshi Iida(Hokkaido Univ.),  

[Paper #]IA2022-18
Simulation Evaluation of Plumtree Application in Blockchain Networks

Yusuke Kitagawa(Kogakuin Univ),  Kazuyuki Shudo(Tokyo Tech),  Osamu Mizuno(Kogakuin Univ),  Ryohei Banno(Kogakuin Univ),  

[Paper #]IA2022-19
Development and Evaluation of Cyclical Agriculture Support Sensing System with Dynamic Function Deployment Mechanism

Ryota Murakami(Ritsumeikan Univ.),  Hiroshi Yamamoto(Ritsumeikan Univ.),  

[Paper #]IA2022-16
A proposal for channel scanning scheme for handover considering the communication quality of the mobile communication station

Kakeru Hirata(NIT),  Isamu Shitara(NIT),  Satoshi Ujigawa(Kajima Corporation),  Takefumi Hiraguri(NIT),  

[Paper #]CQ2022-35
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