ISSN 2187-0136


Vol. 1 No. 6 (2012)

190-195 :
Development and evaluation of urban road pricing system based on active DSRC and contactless IC cards
Yuriko Hattori, Takeshi Nagata, Keiji Terasaka
196-201 :
A novel frequency estimation of sinusoidal signal by noise approximation
Dingjie Xu, Bo Yin, Wei Wang
202-208 :
A novel class of CPM using overlapping separable phase shaping pulses
Richard Hsin-Hsyong Yang, Chia-Kun Lee, Shiunn-Jang Chern
209-214 :
A simple transmission mode switching scheme for IPTV multicast sessions on a hybrid wireless optical access network
Seokkap Ko, Kyungran Kang
215-221 :
Non circular Unitary ESPRIT-MUSIC for angle estimation in bistatic MIMO radar
Wei Wang, Xianpeng Wang, Xin Li, Moxuan Li
222-227 :
Electromagnetic interference with medical devices from mobile phones using high-speed radio access technologies
Keisuke Nagase, Satoshi Ishihara, Junji Higashiyama, Teruo Onishi, Yoshiaki Tarusawa
228-233 :
A mathematical model for routing in 1+1 protection with network coding for instantaneous recovery
Abu Hena Al Muktadir, Eiji Oki
234-239 :
Inverter noise canceller for AM radio reception using PI algorithm
Mitoshi Fujimoto, Taketo Matsuoka, Toshikazu Hori, Takanobu Tabata, Satoshi Hori