日 時 2019年2月19日 (火) 14:00~ 15:00
会 場 九州大学伊都キャンパス ウエスト2号館 3F 第7講義室(W2-327)
  https://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/f/28481/H28gaiyo_P57-58.pdf の25番の建物
講 師 Prof. Andreas Dengel 教授 (ドイツ人工知能研究所(DFKI),Technical Director)
演 題 Artificial Intelligence as a Means for Intelligence Amplification and Augmentation
講演概要 We are now at the threshold where any real-life event becomes instantly digital for interpretation and elaboration. Based on the availability of data, more and more cognitive tasks can be transferred to a machine, which learns from individual and crowd behavior in order to increase our understanding, enhance our problem-solving capacity, or help us to remember. This points the way towards a new generation of digital companions that amplify and augment our mind resulting in more intuitive, efficient and enjoyable interactions.
Starting from an introduction to Artificial Intelligence, this talk gives some insights into approaches for behavioral analysis, big data analytics, deep learning, and cognitive computing. It addresses three applications in which digital companions reveal great potential, i.e. attention-based vision systems, social media mining, and multi-perspective memory aids.
参加費 無料
問合せ 九州大学システム情報科学研究院  内田誠一  uchida(a)ait.kyushu-u.ac.jp
開 催 主催:電子情報通信学会九州支部


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