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Technical Committee on Theoretical Foundations of Computing (COMP) [schedule] [select]
Chair Masafumi Yamashita
Vice Chair Tatsuya Akutsu
Secretary Kunihiko Sadakane, Keisuke Tanaka

Conference Date Wed, Mar 22, 2006 13:00 - 17:10
Thu, Mar 23, 2006 09:00 - 15:40
Conference Place  
Prof. Yasuhiko Takenaga

Wed, Mar 22 PM 
13:00 - 14:10
(1) 13:00-13:35 A polynomial time algorithm for finding a minimum weighted maximal independent set in weighted chordal graph Ryosuke Kondo (T.I.T)
(2) 13:35-14:10 On an Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Dynamic Sensor Networks with Considering Mergence and Partition of Clusters Shintaro Miyanaga, Yoshiaki Katayama, Koichi Wada, Naohisa Takahashi (NIT), Motonari Kobayashi, Masanori Morita (NTT DoCoMo,Inc.)
  14:10-14:30 Break ( 20 min. )
Wed, Mar 22 PM 
14:30 - 15:40
(3) 14:30-15:05 Approximability and Non-approximability of the Minimum Block Transfer Problem Yuichi Asahiro (Kyushu Sangyo Univ.), Tetsuya Furukawa (Kyushu Univ.), Keiichi Ikegami, Eiji Miyano (Kyushu Inst. of Tech.)
(4) 15:05-15:40 Experimental analyses of approximation algorithms for the maximum weighted independent set problem on d-claw free graphs Yota Otachi, Koichi Yamazaki (Gunma Univ.)
  15:40-16:00 Break ( 20 min. )
Wed, Mar 22 PM 
16:00 - 17:10
(5) 16:00-16:35 Canonical Tree Representation of Distance Hereditary Graphs with Applications Ryuhei Uehara (JAIST), Takeaki Uno (NII)
(6) 16:35-17:10 HITS on Today's Web Yu Tezuka, Yasuhito Asano, Takao Nishizeki (Tohoku Univ.)
Thu, Mar 23 AM 
09:00 - 10:10
(7) 09:00-09:35 Increasing the Success Probability of PPSZ-type Satisfiability Testing Kazuo Iwama, Suguru Tamaki (Kyoto Univ.)
(8) 09:35-10:10 Complexity of the pairing strategy for Shannon switching game Ryosuke Takahashi, Eiji Takimoto, Akira Maruoka (Tohoku Univ.)
  10:10-10:30 Break ( 20 min. )
Thu, Mar 23 PM 
10:30 - 11:40
(9) 10:30-11:05 Parsing using syntactic feature Yuu Tsuruoka (UEC)
(10) 11:05-11:40 Improved Lower Bounds for Families of ε -Approximate k-Restricted Min-Wise Independent Permutations Toshiya Itoh, Tatsuya Nagatani (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
  11:40-13:10 Lunch Break ( 90 min. )
Thu, Mar 23 PM 
13:10 - 14:10
(11) 13:10-14:10 [Fellow Memorial Lecture]
Invited Talk as a New Fellow
Kazuo Iwama (Kyoto Univ.)
  14:10-14:30 Break ( 20 min. )
Thu, Mar 23 PM 
14:30 - 15:40
(12) 14:30-15:05 Recognition of Tree-Shellable Boolean Functions with several Restrictions Nao Katougi, Yasuhiko Takenaga, Takashi Ishibashi (UEC)
(13) 15:05-15:40 Improvement of the Round Complexity of Perfectly Concealing Bit Commitment Schemes Yoshiharu Seri, Takeshi Koshiba (Saitama Univ.)

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