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専門委員長 広川 二郎 (東工大)
副委員長 山口 良 (ソフトバンク)
幹事 今井 哲朗 (NTTドコモ), 木村 雄一 (埼玉大)
幹事補佐 竹村 暢康 (日本工大), 山口 聡 (三菱電機)

日時 2018年 5月30日(水) 09:00 - 16:55
2018年 5月31日(木) 09:00 - 16:30
議題 2018 Vietnam-Japan International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation 
会場名 The University of Da nang, University of Science and Technology 
住所 54 Nguyen Luong Bang St. Danang City, Vietnam
交通案内 http://dut.udn.vn/en
Prof. Tran Thi Huong (The University of Danang), Prof. Nguyen Quoc Dinh (LQDTU)
他の共催 ◆IEEE AP-S Tokyo Chapter, REV, IEICE Vietnam Section, and IEEE Vietnam Section

5月30日(水) 午前  Opening Session
09:00 - 09:10
  - Opening Ceremony
5月30日(水) 午前  Antennas and Wireless Power Transfer Systems
09:10 - 10:10
(1) 09:10-09:30 [招待講演]Performance Comparison for SISO and MISO Inductive Power Transfer Quang-Thang DuongHiroto KawabataMinoru OkadaNAIST
(2) 09:30-09:50 Dual-band reflector backed dipole antenna loading choke equipped meander-loop parasitic elements Mamoru YamaguchiKeizo ChoChiba Inst. of Tech.)・Tatsuhiko YoshiharaTaisuke IharaNTT DOCOMO
(3) 09:50-10:10 Characteristics of Folded Bow Tie Antenna with a Reflector Jun AbiruNaobumi MichishitaHisashi MorishitaNational Defense Academy)・Kenji KawabataYasuhiro MurakamiFujitsu
  10:10-10:25 休憩 ( 15分 )
5月30日(水) 午前  Metamaterial Antennas and Metasurface
10:25 - 11:25
(4) 10:25-10:45 Left-Handed Metamaterial Composed of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors and Strip Conductors Thanh Binh NguyenNaobumi MichishitaHisashi MorishitaNational Defense Academy)・Teruki MiyazakiMasato TadokoroThe Yokohama Rubber
(5) 10:45-11:05 Metasurfaces Composed of Multi-Layered Ceramic Capacitors Mounted on Dielectric Substrate for Radar Cross Section Reduction Naoyuki KinaiNaobumi MichishitaHisashi MorishitaNational Defense Academy)・Teruki MiyazakiMasato TadokoroThe Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
(6) 11:05-11:25 Design and Fabrication Array of Zeroth-order Resonance Antenna with a Pair of Double Positive and Epsilon Negative Materials Dang Thi Tu MyQuy Nhon Univ.)・Tran Thi HuongThe University of Danang
  11:25-12:30 昼食 ( 65分 )
5月30日(水) 午後  Tunable Antennas and Antenna Calibration Methods
12:30 - 13:30
(7) 12:30-12:50 [招待講演]Frequency-tunable miniaturized microstrip antennas fed by an L-probe with varactor diodes for single-band and dual-band operation Yuichi KimuraToru IkedaSakuyoshi SaitoSaitama Univ.
(8) 12:50-13:10 Millimeter-wave antenna gain self-calibration using flat-plate reflector and extrapolation technique Michitaka AmeyaSayaka MatsukawaSatoru KurokawaAIST
(9) 13:10-13:30 Estimation of electromagnetic shielding effectiveness for shielding enclosure by time-domain analysis Sayaka MatsukawaSatoru KurokawaAIST
  13:30-13:45 休憩 ( 15分 )
5月30日(水) 午後  Antenna and Propagation for Body Area Network
13:45 - 14:45
(10) 13:45-14:05 Applications of the Segmented Coplanar Waveguide for On-body Links Tran Thi LanHiroyuki AraiYokohama National Univ.
(11) 14:05-14:25 Simulation results of input resistance dependence on dielectric constants of materials surrounding a normal-mode helical antenna Dang Tien DungNguyen Quoc DinhKieu Khac PhuongLQDTU)・Le Trong TrungTCU)・Yoshihide YamadaUTM)・Naobumi MichishitaNDA
(12) 14:25-14:45 A CPW-fed Dual Band Split Ring Resonator based Antenna on Paper Substrate for Health care Monitoring Application Thanh Huong NguyenInternational Research Institute MICA)・Tan Phu VuongIMEP-LAHC laboratory
  14:45-15:00 休憩 ( 15分 )
5月30日(水) 午後  Antennas and Wireless Systems 1
15:00 - 15:40
(13) 15:00-15:20 Magnetic field distribution characteristic of linearly aligned magnetic material-loaded solenoid array Yoshihiro NakamuraKeizo ChoChiba Inst. of Tech.
(14) 15:20-15:40 Current Rejection Characteristics of Coaxially Fed Antenna with Choke Structure Using Composite Right/Left-Handed Coaxial Line Takatsugu FukushimaNaobumi MichishitaHisashi MorishitaNational Defense Academy)・Naoya FujimotoHitachi Kokusai Electric
  15:40-15:55 休憩 ( 15分 )
5月30日(水) 午後  Antennas and Wireless Systems 2
15:55 - 16:55
(15) 15:55-16:15 Bandwidth Extension of Planar Microstrip-to-Waveguide Transition by Via-hole Arrangement Tuan NguyenKunio SakakibaraNobuyoshi KikumaNIT
(16) 16:15-16:35 Characteristic Mode Analysis for U-Shaped Dipole Antenna Naoki Akiyama・○Quan Phung QuangYuka IshiiNaobumi MichishitaHisashi MorishitaNational Defense Academy
(17) 16:35-16:55 Study of Low-Profile Discone Antenna with Simple Shaped Parasitic Element Kazuya MatsubayashiYuka IshiiNaobumi MichishitaHisashi MorishitaNational Defense Academy
5月31日(木) 午前  Anntena and Propagation for Radar Applications
09:00 - 10:00
(19) 09:20-09:40 Estimation of High-Voltage Powerline Detection Performance in Rainfall Conditions by 76 GHz Helicopter Obstacle Detection Millimeter-Wave Radar System Kazuyuki MoriokaNorihiko MiyazakiShunichi FutatsumoriENRI
(20) 09:40-10:00 Optimized Design of Radar Absorbent Material Using Dielectric Material by Genetic Algorithm Yuka IshiiNaoki AkiyamaKunihisa GamouNaobumi MichishitaHisashi MorishitaNational Defense Academy
  10:00-10:15 休憩 ( 15分 )
5月31日(木) 午前  Antenna and Propagation for 5G Communication
10:15 - 11:35
(21) 10:15-10:35 A Study of User Capacity for Massive MIMO in Urban Street Canyon Environment Takuya NitsuHiroaki NakabayashiChiba Inst.Tech
(22) 10:35-10:55 Application of FBMC/OQAM in 5G mobile network Dinh Van LuyBui Thi Minh TuDUT
(23) 10:55-11:15 Unit-Cell Based on Cut Circular Patch for Ka-band Transmitarray Nguyen Minh ThienNguyen Thi Thanh TuyenNguyen Binh DuongInternational Unvi.
(24) 11:15-11:35 Numerical Estimation on Human Body Blockage Characteristics for 26GHz Band Indoor Propagation 山岸誠知日景 隆北大)・佐々木元晴中村光貴鷹取泰司NTT
  11:35-13:00 昼食 ( 85分 )
5月31日(木) 午後  Antenna Technologies for RF Applications
13:00 - 13:40
(25) 13:00-13:20 Multiband Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting Thi Kim Ngan NguyenMinh Thuy LeHUST
(26) 13:20-13:40 Antenna Solution for A Novel Wireless Sensor Network Node Thi Kim Ngan NguyenMinh Thuy LeHUST
  13:40-13:55 休憩 ( 15分 )
5月31日(木) 午後  Antennas for Sensing Apllication and Chirp-based Techniques
13:55 - 14:55
(27) 13:55-14:15 [招待講演]High capacity encoding chipless RFID tag based on multi branch H-shaped resonator for sensing application Thanh Huong NguyenSi Hong HoangThi Lan Huong NguyenSchool of Electrical Engineering)・Van Phuong HaFaculty of Electrical Engineering Technology)・Viet Tung NguyenTrung Kien DaoInternational Research Institute MICA
(28) 14:15-14:35 Reduced Interference Chirp-based Time-Frequency Distribution for Chirp Signals Nguyen Thi Hong YenDUST)・Des McLernonLeeds univ
(29) 14:35-14:55 Reduced Interference Chirp-based Kernel for Incomplete Non-Stationary Signals Yen Thi Hong NguyenDanang Univ. of Sci. and Tech.)・Des McLernonLeeds Univ.
  14:55-15:10 休憩 ( 15分 )
5月31日(木) 午後  Tutorial Session
15:10 - 16:10
(30) 15:10-16:10 [チュートリアル招待講演]Lecture on Technical Writing
-- Tips for writing technical article --
Mitoshi FujimotoUniv. of Fukui
5月31日(木) 午後  Award and Closing Session
16:10 - 16:30
  - Award and Closing Ceremony

一般講演発表 15 分 + 質疑応答 5 分
招待講演発表 15 分 + 質疑応答 5 分
チュートリアル招待講演発表 50 分 + 質疑応答 10 分

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問合先 木村 雄一(埼玉大)
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