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Technical Committee on Life Intelligence and Office Information Systems (LOIS) [schedule] [select]
Chair Tomohiro Yamada (NTT)
Vice Chair Toru Kobayashi (Nagasaki Univ.)
Secretary Yukihiro Nakamura (NTT), Motoi Okamoto (Research Organization of Information and Systems)
Assistant Shinichiro Eitoku (NTT)

Conference Date Thu, Mar 7, 2019 09:30 - 17:15
Fri, Mar 8, 2019 10:00 - 17:00
Conference Place Miyakojima-shi Central Community Center 
Address 315, Hirarashimozato, Miyakojima-shi, Okinawa-ken, 906-0013, Japan
Transportation Guide
Dr. Motoi Okamoto, ROIS
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Participation Fee This workshop will be held as the IEICE workshop in fully electronic publishing. Participant fee will be necessary except the speakers and participants other than the participants to workshop(s) in non-electronic publishing. See the participant fee page. We request the participant fee to participants who will attend the workshop(s) on LOIS.

Thu, Mar 7 AM  LOIS(1)
Chair: Toru Kobayashi (Nagasaki Univ.)
09:30 - 10:45
(1) 09:30-09:55 Sound analysis for warehouse work probe system LOIS2018-55 Koki Nozaki, Toshimasa Aso (Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Technology)
(2) 09:55-10:20 Measuring difficulty of office work LOIS2018-56 Ryotaro Taga, Toshimasa Aso (Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Technology)
(3) 10:20-10:45 State Transition Machine As Coordination Message In Everyday Life Errands LOIS2018-57 Keiko Shimokoriyama, Chihiro Tsutsumi, Ken Nakayama (Tsuda Univ.)
  10:45-10:55 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Mar 7 AM  LOIS(2)
Chair: Motoi Okamoto (ROIS)
10:55 - 12:10
(4) 10:55-11:20 Analysis for Fragrance Data by Tourism Spot LOIS2018-58 Yu Ichifuji (Nagasaki Univ.)
(5) 11:20-11:45 Trend Analysis for Tourists using the Location Registration Information
-- Analysis case around V-Varen Nagasaki Stadium --
Yu Ichifuji (Nagasaki Univ.), Kohei Yamasaki, Hideki Yoshii (SB), Masashi Okamoto (Cinarra)
(6) 11:45-12:10 Communication Robot for elderly based on Robotic Process Automation LOIS2018-60 Toru Kobayashi, Kenichi Arai, Tetsuo Imai (Nagasaki Univ.)
  12:10-13:10 lunch Break ( 60 min. )
Thu, Mar 7 PM  LOIS(3)
Chair: Masahide Nakamura (Kobe Univ.)
13:10 - 14:50
(7) 13:10-13:35 Town Watching Workshop for Community in Minami Ward, Sapporo City LOIS2018-61 Keisuke Utsu, Shun Ueta, Sachi Tajima, Yoshitaka Kajita, Yuji Murakami, Osamu Uchida (Tokai Univ.)
(8) 13:35-14:00 Hashtag Trend of Rescue Request Tweets in July 2018 Heavy Rain Disaster in Japan LOIS2018-62 Megumi Kondo, Shuji Nishikawa, Osamu Uchida, Keisuke Utsu (Tokai Univ.)
(9) 14:00-14:25 Analysis of Usage Trends of Unicode Emojis in Tweets During Disasters LOIS2018-63 Sanetoshi Yamada, Keisuke Utsu, Osamu Uchida (Tokai Univ.)
(10) 14:25-14:50 Michi-Repo: Road Condition Reporting System LOIS2018-64 Osamu Uchida (Tokai Univ.), Masafumi Kosugi (Yahoo Japan), Makoto Takei, Takuya Kondo, Atsuki Maeda (Tokai Univ.)
  14:50-15:00 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Mar 7 PM  LOIS(4)
Chair: Shinichiro Eitoku (NTT)
15:00 - 16:15
(11) 15:00-15:25 Efficient Search Method for Best Combination of Multiple Action Plans LOIS2018-65 Masahiko Yasui, Atsushi Tomoda, Masashi Egi (Hitachi)
(12) 15:25-15:50 LOIS2018-66
(13) 15:50-16:15 Design and Evaluation of "Otaru Net Radio" to convey the charm of the place with local people's voice and music LOIS2018-67 Shiori Furuta, Akari Kikkawa, Asuka Deguchi, Katsuhiko Ogawa (Keio Univ.), Shuya Takahashi, Jun Nakamura (PERSOL AVC TECHNOLOGY)
  16:15-16:25 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Mar 7 PM  Invited Session
Chair: Yukihiro Nakamura (NTT)
16:25 - 17:15
(14) 16:25-17:15  
Fri, Mar 8 AM  LOIS(5)
Chair: Manabu Okamoto (NTT)
10:00 - 12:05
(15) 10:00-10:25 Motivating Evacuation Actions in Disasters Using Crowds-Posted Pictures with Location LOIS2018-68 Toshiki Murotani, Sinan Chen, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura (Kobe Univ.)
(16) 10:25-10:50 Prototyping and Preliminary Evaluation of Online Survey Support System Using Virtual Agent LOIS2018-69 Daiki Takatsuki, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura (Kobe Univ.)
(17) 10:50-11:15 Visualizing Movement and Status of Ambulances by Transforming Dispatch Log into Spatial Temporal Information LOIS2018-70 Naoya Yabuki, Takuhiro Kagawa, Sachio Saeki, Masahide Nakamura (Kobe Univ.), Makiko Naito (Kobe city)
(18) 11:15-11:40 A Spam Review Detection Method with Verifying Consistency among Multiple Review Sites and Performance Evaluation LOIS2018-71 Chuhao Yao, Jiahong Wang, Eiichiro Kodama (Iwate pu)
(19) 11:40-12:05 Model Predictive Control of Shallow Drowsiness and Evaluation: Improving Productivity of Office Workers LOIS2018-72 Takuma Kogo, Masanori Tsujikawa, Yukihiro Kiuchi (NEC), Atsushi Nishino, Satoshi Hashimoto (DAIKIN)
  12:05-13:05 Lunch Break ( 60 min. )
Fri, Mar 8 PM  LOIS(6)
Chair: Shinichiro Eitoku (NTT)
13:05 - 15:10
(20) 13:05-13:30 Development of balloon satellite and examination of improvement to CubeSat teaching material LOIS2018-73 Yuma Shintani, Yukikazu Murakami, Akira Onishi (NIT, Kagawa)
(21) 13:30-13:55 Proposal of automatic collection system of agricultural record using BLE tag LOIS2018-74 Akira Onishi, Yukikazu Murakami, Youhei Iwakura, Kanae Ikegami, Kazuhiro Shigeta (NIT, Kagawa)
(22) 13:55-14:20 Examination of estimation accuracy of deep learning by data augmentation LOIS2018-75 Masashi Kasamatsu, Yukikazu Murakami, Miyoshi Kengo (NIT, Kagawa)
(23) 14:20-14:45 Examination of eye-camera image analysis method using Mask R-CNN LOIS2018-76 Yuto Yoshikawa, Yukikazu Murakami (NIT, Kagawa), Kazuaki Shiraishi, Gai Shibahara (NIT,Toba)
(24) 14:45-15:10 Proposal of creation/display system of farming technology inheritance WEB manual LOIS2018-77 Taiki Katayama, Yukikazu Murakami (NITKC), Kazuaki Shiraishi (NITTC)
  15:10-15:20 Break ( 10 min. )
Fri, Mar 8 PM  LOIS(7)
Chair: Motoi Okamoto (ROIS)
15:20 - 17:00
(25) 15:20-15:45 The Life Support System for Elderly Living Alone using the Home TV LOIS2018-78 Masaya Ohnishi, Ikuma Sato, Yuichi Fujino (FUN), Shuichi Matsumoto (JLabs)
(26) 15:45-16:10 Trends of research for dementia screening methods LOIS2018-79 Kentaro Sakurai, Ikuma Sato, Fujino Yuichi (FUN)
(27) 16:10-16:35 The Communication Supporting Robot based on "Humanitude" Concept for Dementia Patients
-- Contact and Response to Touch --
Yusuke Iwabuchi, Ikuma Sato, Yuichi Fujino (FUN), Norihito Yagi (Takahashi Hospital)
(28) 16:35-17:00 Estimation of Baby's Sleep Rhythm at Night using the Non-Restrain Type Sensor Mat LOIS2018-81 Hiromi Yamada, Yuichi Fujino, Ikuma Sato (FUN)

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Invited TalkEach speech will have 45 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
LOIS Technical Committee on Life Intelligence and Office Information Systems (LOIS)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Motoi Okamoto (Research Organization of Information and Systems)
10-3 Midori-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-8562, Japan
E-: ism 

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